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    Looking for advice on sun shelf

    We are still in the planning stages of our pool in northern CT and we’ve decided on getting a liner but my wife really wants a sun shelf. We’ve had a few builders come out and they all said they could do it no problem. We kinda designed it ourselves, 18x36 rectangle plus a 9x9 bump out at the...
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    Gunite vs Steel (Liner) vs Radiant (Liner) in ground pool

    Thanks for all your replies, sorry for the delayed response, i thought i was going to get some kind of notification when there was a new post. We are still researching options, but the other installer that uses the same radiant pools product (they have "territories" for the product hence the...
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    Gunite vs Steel (Liner) vs Radiant (Liner) in ground pool

    Hello all, I live in northern CT, on a hill with ground thats mostly clay. In the spring, the ground is very mushy (due to the clay) and dries around april-ish, so i'm expecting some drainage issues with a new inground pool and freeze/thaw issues that might arise. I'm looking at a 18x36 size...