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    Pool spillover , Stone with a grout line or solid granite.

    Have you looked at the metal spillways, the can be custom made to fit your specific design.
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    Remove old plaster or sand blast?

    Sandblasting, chipping out, hydro jetting is usually done based on the specific job and the equipment of the contractor. Very few contractors have the equipment to sandblast, and even fewer have the equipment to hydro jet. This has led to the chip out becoming the default method for large...
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    Bad install? Glass tile and coping

    Most contractors will take all extras. The reason is simple, we deal with some paver suppliers who only sell certain ones by the pallet, we will pay for the pallet even though your job may only require 20 pieces, you are not charged for the pallet. The tile setters like to pick up full boxes...
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    Help! Torn between Aqua White and Aqua Blue - any thoughts?

    Aqua Blue and Aqua White both use the same pigments for the background color. The Aqua White has all white rock while the Blue has some gold and black added. The prefer the Aqua Blue and feel the plaster surface when done tends to look better.
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    We could go back and fourth all day and nothing would be solved due to the complexity of the issue. If you read my comments I place the blame on no individual (plaster or service man). From all of the quotes one should be able to discern that the two both play a role. My last comment would be...
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    Pebble Sheen vs Stonescapes Mini Pebble - cost and quality?

    Labor skill and labor cost is the main difference from contractor to contractor. The final appearance is dictated by applicator skill and not brand used. In some markets Stonescapes can bill out more than Pebble Tec, but it never hurts to ask for a discount.
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    I am curious before I answer your question why you have not answered mine. Spec the plaster mix, application method, start up procedures and chemical maintenance. Then give me a time frame for the pool to "spot etch". I think knowing the exact cause it would be reasonable for this to happen...
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    Let me be clear, I said I do not believe either side is 100% correct, I did say is it is likely a combination of factors. For either side to be proven correct one should be able to spec a mix and parameters for plaster application. State what water chemistry and length of time and create spot...
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    I think neither side is 100% correct and there is likely a combination of factors, plaster mix and water chemistry. The way this problem can be solved is for either side to make a pool spot etch in a set period of time with a specific water chemistry and plaster mix. Then be able to replicate...
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    Like most in the industry I am very familiar with research done by both sides. There can be more than one explanation for these type of plaster issues and in my opinion both sides have valid points. While I respect onblance I would say that this issue is far from solved, until both sides...
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    Pool plaster- less than 2 years old. Spot etching?

    There are competing thoughts on the causes of "spot etching". Some will blame the plaster application, mix, troweling technique. Others will blame start-up, water chemistry, and ongoing maintenance. These competing sides both publish articles supporting their cases and arguing against the...
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    Abalone Shells

    You should be cautious buying glass bead. Just like glass tiles there have been problems with poorly made beads cracking after install. Would advise to rely on your builder to supply a product like that.
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    Abalone Shells

    We buy ours from a large national distributor. There really isn't any technical info on the abalone shell themselves, I would imagine they would be comparable.
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    Abalone Shells

    Amount needed depends on how the shell is added. Some contractors add a whole bag to each batch others will hand cast some on the top to keep cost down. You would need to find out you contractors preferred method, either 1 bag per batch or around 3 bags for whole job.
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    Stonescapes mini pebble color

    The mix was one bag Cobalt and one bag Puerto Rican glass added with one gold and one black pebble removed.