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    Nordic Crown XL whirlpool jet bezel

    Got it figured out. Turns out someone in my family thought that they should just spin freely and broke the little flimsy plastic tabs off the inner workings of the top bezel. The bottom one isn't too far behind. The place I bought the tub from is looking into ordering me a couple new ones...
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    Nordic Crown XL whirlpool jet bezel

    So I was sitting in the hot tub last night and the top whirlpool jet outer ring/ dial/bezel/whatever you call it, blew out and hit me in the back. It was a delightful experience! I examined it to see if anything was broken but it doesn't appear to be. Are these supposed to turn and lock into...
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    Hot tub rash

    I may have just answered my own question! Medications Problem: Some medications can cause hot tub rash when you are soaking in hot water. Solution: Consult with your physician to see if your medication may be causing the rash.
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    Hot tub rash

    Why am I the only one in my family that has developed a constant little red bump rash on my back and sides? Hot tub is brand new. After I went through a whole bromine conversion (which was even worse on my skin!) I did the Ahh some purge/full rinse and flush before filling and returning to...
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    Dichlor then LC = PH Spike?

    Thanks for breaking it down into simple terms for me! I think I get it now. Much appreciated
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    Dichlor then LC = PH Spike?

    Hi all, so I started with what I thought was tested and balanced water. Everything was spot on using my new Taylor test kit including a CYA of around 40-45. After using Dichlor granules the first couple of treatments I decided to go for the liquid chlorine method after a soak (2 oz. of 10% Pool...
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    New spa

    Moved from here. Hi all, Thanks so much for all the valuable insight. After reading through this entire thread (and many others) I just want to re-iterate what I think I am understanding is correct. Assuming water is balanced. I should add enough Dichlor granules (what I have currently) for long...
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    Hi all, Colorado mountain town native here

    Yep the Ahh-Some product worked awesome! Cheers!
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    Hi all, Colorado mountain town native here

    I have been lurking on this site for a while and decided to sign up recently. I am the proud new first time hot tub owner of a 2021 Nordic Spas Crown XL that only took 6 months to arrive at my house! Lol. I have been struggling with the right combination of water chemistry and have subjected...
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