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    Combined chlorine test

    I’ve been doing the DPD test this year and was excited to always get a zero or near zero reading for CC. Then we were away and I came back to a green pool. Zero FC and again, Zero CC. Added liquid chlorine to boost it to SLAM levels and read it overnight— water still slightly green in the...
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    Switching my intex pump to a Hayward -- what about the hoses?

    Here's where I ended: I did not replace the Intex pump, but did add the skimmer, replaced the return to a true 1.5" Harwayd return and added a big, fat 18" Hayward sand filter (with fluffy balls inside). Then, I used the old water intake holes to run a completely separate solar heating circuit...
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    Bringing electricity to an intex pool

    wait, what? There is a plug and play heater for Intex pools in Canada? Other than the wimpy little solar mat?
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    Bringing electricity to an intex pool

    That is exactly the logic I am starting to see. Intex pools are nice and they have pumps that seem to be quite well adapted to what they do, but once one starts to go outside their ecosystem, it becomes a huge liability. That is also why, I think, I have not heard back from the electricians I...
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    Bringing electricity to an intex pool

    THAT is what I needed! Thank you!
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    Bringing electricity to an intex pool

    That's why I stopped moving from my Intex pump to the new Hayward one. I'm actually running my Intex pump to the new 18" Hawyard filter, with 3x the media... And strongly debating making the switch before I find an electrician. (In the picture, you can see the little Intex pump elevated to reach...
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    Bringing electricity to an intex pool

    Curious how people are keeping things safe with electricity around their pools. Conduit, post, outdoor GFCI outlet in a covered box? Any lighter weight option? How do you ground the post? And I have read about binding the pool to equalize the voltage in case of failure -- but apparently cannot...
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    cutting my intex pool

    Will add our experience. We added the Hayward skimmer to our Intex pool a few days ago while filling up the pool. Here are our steps: 1. fill the pool to just under the cut 2. use the plastic cover to mark holes location with a marker 3. punch holes 4. set up the plastic part of your skimmer (no...
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    Switching my intex pump to a Hayward -- what about the hoses?

    This is terrific!!! Thank you!!!
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    Switching my intex pump to a Hayward -- what about the hoses?

    My 12" sand filter from Intex did not seem to manage to move the vacuum, and will not be able to move water through a planned heater. So... I have invested in a new 2-speed 1HP Hayward pump (Matrix PowerFlow) and an 18" Pro Series filter, filled with the fancy acrylic balls. Then, i figured the...
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    More about heating an intex pool

    I am still debating whether I do have a viable solution to heating my pool. A previous thread explored a gas heater near the house, with water pipes running to the pool, about 50' away. My concern is that once the weather turns colder, the ground will cool and my water will lose whatever heat it...
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    Upgrading my filter and pump / heater

    I asked in a few other places -- really hoping to get some advice before I set the Intex pool this spring. I have a 10'x 48" round pool (4800Gallons) with an Intex 12" sand filter/pump combo supposed to give me 1600GPH (pump is 0.3HP). I would like to add a gas heater, a vacuum and a leaf...