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    New Pool Build Los Angeles

    Equapotential Bonding is required on all permanent pools. Its described in Article 680.26 of the National Electrical Code. California adopted the 2014 version of the NEC on Jan 1 2017. 680.26(B) requires the pool and associated equipment be bonded and 680.26(C) requires the water be bonded...
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    Owner/builder SoCal

    I couldn't see anything in the super blockade specs for tile over the material. How does it handle thinset? I like the fact that it stops effervescence but I'm concerned how the thinset and plaster will adhere. Any info on that?
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    Do I NEED a professional?

    As Danny points out the issue with a heat pump is whether you feel you have the knowledge and comfort level taking the front off your panel, installing a new breaker and running a circuit to the new heater. Depending on the location of the panel and the heater a suitable electric line may not...
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    Question about Burial!!!

    Its doubtful most on here with experience will tell you to fill to get your site level and neither will I. Filling in low spots is one thing raising up to level is another. That pool will be extremely heavy and will compact the earth under it. So I am not recommending filling up. I would...
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    Question about water circulation

    My waterfall has a small basin at the top that can get interesting so I try and run the waterfall once a week or so during the summer. If it goes for too long I get a brown plume of dirt and leaves in the pool I put an umbrella in the sleeve in May and remove in October. The rest of the year...
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    SWG before Pool Heater

    You could use some 45's to take it up a bit and bring it down
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    Bestway Above Ground Costco Pool

    Yea, it comes with a 3 foot cord. And you can't use an extension cord. Because its a permanent pool (or I should say the electrical code thinks its a permanent pool), you have to have a GFCI outlet within 20 feet of it (but no closer than 6) anyway. If you dug the trench and roughed in the...
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    Price Check in Aisle 1 - Replaster pool bids?

    20 K sounds high but thats a big pool. I would definitely get a couple more bids.
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    Trash can for outdoor kitchen question.

    +2 on the Suncast ---- looks good no flys and very convenient.
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    Pentair SWG Power Center Bonding Question

    The Bonding Jumper is NEC. Did they require insulated wire and termination in the niche covered by potting compound?
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    Creating a sand/beach area next to pool? Anyone have experience?

    Wow that looks wonderful. Ya know my outside garage cat does her business in a litter box. I have zero issues with cat poop. Just have the chore of dumping the cat box.
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    Upgrade old pool light to LED

    Wow Wow Wow. I would call Inyo pools or Sunplay and see if they can sell you a light fixture that would fit in this pool that can be upgraded to an LED bulb. I have my doubts. There also may be an low voltage LED fixture that might fit. Again I would Call Inyo or Sunplay and ask...
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    SWG before Pool Heater

    Absolutely, anything to keep the chlorine concentration low in the heater most of the time.
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    Pentair SWG Power Center Bonding Question

    Well Dog we are going to have to agree to disagree here. The last sentence of 680.26(B) states that remote panelboards, service equipment and electrodes need not be bonded. Which is what I think your guy is thinking of. 680.26(B)(6) however provides that metal parts of electrical equipment...
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    SWG before Pool Heater

    I wouldn't go that far. But I would say that the risk of greater chlorine concentrations is greater and the less harsh you can make that environment in the heat exchanger the better. And even a small amount greater may have long term consequences. Remember you are running this thing whenever...