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    Filter head leaking on High or Closed

    @duraleigh I saw in another thread that the Vari-FLo XL valve didn't have a gasket as such, which confirms what I thought earlier. Do you see any issue in the pictures I've posted? Now the problem has disappeared when running on "High", but still interested in your opinion.
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    Filter head leaking on High or Closed

    I've disassembled the multi port valve (Hayward Var-flo XL) and didn't find any damage to the spider gasket. Please see the photos, it looked like the gasket was more like caulking than a removable part. After re-assembling the leak was gone... Well at least now I "know" how to disassemble a...
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    Filter head leaking on High or Closed

    Thanks, that'd be great! I'll let you know the outcome.
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    Filter head leaking on High or Closed

    Hi there, Currently opening the pool and the backwash exit of my filter is leaking water when the pump is running on "high", or when I set it in position "Closed". Yesterday I opened the filter to examine it and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. I tightened it better and it seemed to...
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    Leak behind return jet assembly

    Thanks Decoy205, that makes sense. I didn't know about the need to replace the gasket so often.
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    Leak behind return jet assembly

    Hey everyone, I guess I'd just like to know how "involved" it is to replace the return jet assembly. Any advice here?
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    Leak behind return jet assembly

    Dear all, firstly I wish everyone here a great upcoming pool season. Especially in the Northeast, as I know that in the South pools are already pretty hot. I'm just opening my above-ground pool and have unfortunately noticed a leak behind the return jet assembly. The pool must be 15 years old...
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    Pump needs help starting after 2 capacitor changes

    Wow thanks I"ll try that. When I turn the shaft it seems smooth...