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    How to fix this leak?

    I all, I have a small leak in my spa main drain right between the threads and the pipe, can I use silicone or should I use pool putty, I have both at home, not looking forward to removing the main drain.
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    Random dark spots in Plaster

    Im starting to see two dark spots and Im afraid. What happened to your issue???
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    Pool #2 remodeling -- completed

    Not CYA just acid and chlorine. Just tested and PH is high 9+ and chlorine is very low. Can I start adding it? Along with CYA
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    Pool #2 remodeling -- completed

    Pool is looking blue, the contractor I used sent their own start up person, they added acid and chlorine and I've been brushing twice a day. It has been a week since the pool has been filled and they are saying I need to wait TWO MORE WEEKS to use it? That' can't be true can it? I have the...
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    Ok will talk to PB to see if they can do this for me, can't find anywhere online on how to remove those things
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    Yup, dont want to damage the new plaster. Is a snake out of the question?
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    I'm going to guess push in? I didn't see the plaster people gluing anything to turn the pvc pipe into a threaded one
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    The outer fitting is almost flash with the wall, can't seem to remove it unless I use force. Might need to find a video on how to remove them
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    Hi all, Following a pool remodel from heck where we redid the spa plumbing, one of the four new venturi jets doesn't return water. Seems to be clogged, now I'm not sure if this was plumbed originally and it was clogged prior to the remodel and the PB just extended the lines or of this line is...
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    Pool #2 remodeling -- completed

    Its one of the venturi jets, this jet was there before and I believe it was clogged, never really used the pool before. Now to figure out how to unclog it
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    Pool #2 remodeling -- completed

    Thanks @kimkats As expected my lazy PB never told the startup person about my pool. I know the startup person from my previous build so I called him up this morning, he had no idea that I was doing this reno and said he could be here on Monday, on the mean time said to add 2 gal of acid and...
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