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    White bulky spots on plaster

    Thanks for all this info. I read that article. Can you recommend an epoxy filler? This is replaster job about a year old now. My plan of attack is 100 grit wet/dry sandpaper and epoxy to cover the small cracks. Now, would anything happen if I dont do anything??? Thanks.
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    White bulky spots on plaster

    Hi all, I'm trying to identify and figure out what to do with theses white spots that are starting to appear in my plaster and one in the pool tile. Is it calcium? Do I need to freak out? Thanks!
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    Pool Fence - Need to drill 1" holes or 1/2"

    It does, most fences by the "diy guys" have steel converter from 1" down to about 1/2". The used ones I've seen have a one inch poles:
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    Pool Fence - Need to drill 1" holes or 1/2"

    So, didn't know how to title this thread. Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of research into installing my own pool fence. Several companies out there selling fences such as Pool Fence DIY all call for 1/2" holes with a 5/8 drill. I've been digging on OfferUp for a used fence and all of them are...
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    Can I add a neutral wire to my PSL4 Pentair Automation?

    Update, I guess it worked, hopefully I won't do some damange with this
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    Can I add a neutral wire to my PSL4 Pentair Automation?

    Hi all, Trying to wire a Kasa Wifi Switch, it requires a neutral wire -- here is my wiring, I don't see anywhere obvious where I can just add a neutral wire, any suggestions? Thanks!
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    How to fix this leak?

    I all, I have a small leak in my spa main drain right between the threads and the pipe, can I use silicone or should I use pool putty, I have both at home, not looking forward to removing the main drain.
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