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    Starting SLAM

    Been testing 3 times a day. Morning, noon, and evening. I can maybe increase that 4 or 5 times a day. Say 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm....maybe even a 6th at 11pm. Pump is running 24/7. I'm brushing/fishing (can't see the bottom) for leaves & debris twice a day. CYA = 40 FC = 9.5 (tested in the...
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    Starting SLAM

    Day 3 of the SLAM. At least the pool is somewhat blue-ish. I can only see to the 2nd step and have this foam on the surface. I've read that the chlorine may be reacting with something, but other than the mess I started with, muriatic acid (before SLAM), cyanuric acid (at the very beginning of...
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    April 26 - Day 3 of SLAM.jpg

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    April 23 22021 - Start of SLAM.jpg

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    Starting SLAM

    Well...starting last Monday turned into actually getting my pump to prime and everything working last night. I added muriatic acid and now have the pH down to 7.3-7.4. I plan on adding a bit more to bring it down to 7.1-7.2. Just started the CYA today with sock in the skimmer. I know it takes...
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    Leak at pump

    First, sorry this has become a priming thread! My spa is at the same level as my pool, so I'd say the pump is slightly above the spa water line. I have Spa Mode, Spa Drain, and Spa Fill (pic1.png) function on my controller. So turn on Spa Mode? I believe that turns this valve to allow water...
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    Leak at pump

    I don't think I can separate the PVC from the pump without cutting it out. If y'all are saying the leak has nothing to do with priming the pump, then any hints on getting it to prime? Seems as though it's working correctly. I can sort of reach in from the basket side of the pump and move the...
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    Leak at pump

    After the freeze in Texas earlier this year, I had to replace my motor. When doing that, I couldn't find the impeller ring. Thinking it had broken off & was in the strainer basket. I couldn't get the strainer lid off & had to basically beat it off. This evidently caused my leaks seen in the...
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    Starting SLAM

    Will do on the pH & CYA starting today. Got 30 gallons of chlorine ($1.60/gallon). Probably need to get fresh chemicals/reagents.