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    New build cost Wichita KS area

    Had an estimate for a 14x28 vinyl pool install, cover, 720sf of concrete and some landscaping for $57K. What are others paying in the Wichita, KS area for new builds and who did you use?
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    Hayward Solar Controller

    Yes. The pump manual and control manual have instructions. Your pump will only be able to run 2 speeds. I remember there was a jumper wire installed on the pump but I don’t remember the specifics and no longer live at that house so I can’t provide a picture.
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    Pool Math........The App

    Did the update and tried to renew subscription all data was lost. Not happy at all.
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    Looking for my 1st robot

    The local pool store 😬 has a sale on the maytronics dolphin echo for $499.99. I’m about to bite on it any thoughts?
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    Looking for my 1st robot

    I’ve been doing a lot of research but can’t find any information on how the robot will do with a beach entry pool or if they will get tangled in the three pool bar stools in my pool. My Hayward Navigator gets caught on the bar stools for a bit and will eventually find its way out. Does...
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    Odd Observation Air in Pump Basket

    The air pocket is about 1/2", but pump operation is normal. The water does not drain when the pump is off. I had that issue awhile ago and resolved it with o-ring lub on the filter and pump basket o-rings.
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    Odd Observation Air in Pump Basket

    My pump basket typically has an air pocket during normal operations... when I drain water from the pool through the cartridge filter hose fitting the air pocket slowly disappears. Typically the air pocket will reappear within one day. What could this be? Pool equipment is listed in my...
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    Alternate Contaners for MA and more...

    Thank you for the recommendations. I brought my FC to 15 and pH to 7.3 prior to leaving for 15 days. I'm happy to report that when testing today everything was still within the recommended range and my pool is still crystal clear.
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    Alternate Contaners for MA and more...

    I'm going out of town for a few weeks and have someone who will be at the house, however they have no clue on pool care. I have a SWG so chlorine level isn't that big of an issue. I keep my ph at 7.7 and add 4oz of MA per week. What type of container can I put 4oz of MA so they don't have to...
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    IntelliChlor ic40 cell light wont turn on

    I had the same issue with mine. Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the unit. The down side to the intelliChlor units is lack of field replacement parts. The only part that is replaceable in field is the flow switch. I lucked out and had one month of warranty remaining when mine failed.
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    just reeived my hair-nets for skimmers

    I change mine every couple of days. If it looks dirty it gets changed. The hairnets are cheap...
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    Spa overspill making me Want to end my Life!

    If the water is running back your spillway is angled towards the spa. You don't really have many options. You have to determine if the spillway can be repositioned. If you can reposition than make sure it has a negative slope towards the pool. If you can't reposition the spillway I would get a...
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    Fill Water CH

    When I added the R-0011L the water turned blue. Does that indicate CH is 0 or something else?
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    New Solar Panel design questions

    Billiam, I have seven of the techno-solis panels installed with a similar sized pool. Like you, I live about 26 miles north of Tampa and was able to get my water to 85 degrees today. I typically see about a 4-5 degree increase in water temperature from the skimmer to the return. I'm not sure if...
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    Muriatic acid cost?

    This is the one item that is cheaper for me at the Pool $tore. I live in FL and use one of the chain stores (Pi*ch A Pen*y). I pay about $5.00 per gallon. Lowes is about $.50 more per gallon.