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    Can I address this pool leak in the Spring?

    Thanks! Ultimately, I think you're right. I'm limited with what I can do at this point. I have a strong feeling it's leaking in the main drain pot/gasket as I temporarily fixed it last year (a permanent fix will happen when we replace the liner). I'd preferably wait until the Spring and just...
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    Can I address this pool leak in the Spring?

    Hi all, We closed our pool back in late September. I've noticed overtime that the water level was slowly going down. We're losing about 1/8" a day. For a while, I thought it might have just been evaporation. We have a mesh safety cover. I did a bucket test and the pool is consistently losing...
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    Do mesh safety covers stop evaporation?

    Hi all, Another evaporation question! I have a mesh safety cover (Looploc). I closed my pool a bit earlier this year. The weather has been pretty warm. Mostly in the 70s with a few days in the 80s, but I still went ahead and closed the pool. I check the pool chemicals about once a week and...
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    Hot tub cabinet panel broke and needs to be replaced. Service company ordered wrong size.

    Hi all, I have an Artesian hot tub. The cabinet panel on it broke after owning it for only a few months. It was under warranty from the company I purchased it from. They came out to replace it, but they ordered the wrong size panel. They said it's about .5" too long and 2" too tall. They are...
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    Winterizing return line and there is a small leak

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I can't drain the pool that much. We have a very high water table and I've already had my 2 year liner float on me and cause wrinkles. I did talk to a couple pool stores today to just get their opinion. They weren't too much help (wasn't expecting much)...
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    Winterizing return line and there is a small leak

    Hi all, I'm trying to winterize my pool lines. It's an inground 12k gallon pool with 1 return, 1 skimmer, and 1 main drain. I winterized the skimmer and the main drain without much issue. However, I'm having issues with the return line. I tried a few ways to winterize the return line. I didn't...
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