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    Pool slope and size

    We have an 18 x 36. It’s big enough for the 2 of us, and when our daughter, SIL, and granddaughter come over. We’ve had a few pool parties with as many as 20-30 ppl and it works then too. BUT, if we had it to do over, we’d go with 20x40.
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    High Chlorine Usage in small pool

    Since you’re in MA, good chance you have an Ocean State Job Lot near by. Their 12.5% liquid chlorine is $2,99 for a full gallon.
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    Water Chemistry levels

    Glad you have an Ocean State near you. Best value of Chorine I’ve seen. That stuff is 12.5% so make sure you have the % right in your calculator.
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    SWG & Lo n Slo

    Muriatic Acid freaks me out too, but sometimes I need it. I use the “green“ formula which is half strength. It is much easier to work with. It is, from what I can tell, in no way green, in the environmental sense. In fact, it is likely the opposite. We do our best to be actually green, but...
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    TF-100 Results and Cloudy Water

    I usually by it at Walmart or Amazon. There is a brand, AquaMate, that raises CYA only about 25% of what it should. It’s cheaper, but you end up spending more. I can say HTH brand works as expected.
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    User Survey of SWCGs or Heaters or other stuff?

    IC-40 here. Installed summer 2008, died summer 2018. 5 mos of use/yr. replaced it with another IC-40.
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    Stained Steps

    I’ve had the exact same experience. I don’t have a solution, but following to see if the experts have one.
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    New pool owner, hello!

    Regarding cal-hypo, it’s fine to use IF You don’t already have to much calcium in your water. I bought 24 lbs on Amazon too This spring because 1. Great price and 2. I knew finding liquid bleach would be a challenge right now. My fill water calcium is 50 and I knew my pool would open at a silly...
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    New pool owner, hello!

    Pour the bleach in slowly, about a pencil size stream, in the deep in in front of a return. I like to brush the area after I pour it just to be sure it’s mixed. You may have an Ocean State Job Lot in your area. Worth a bit of a drive if you do. Their 12.5% jugs are full gallons and are $2.99...
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    New in Texas - What the heck is a vinyl pool anyway?

    Love me my vinyl pool.
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    Can this pool marriage be saved? Renovate or demo.

    Regarding your trepidation at maintaining your own doesn’t have to be a 100% DIY thing. I maintain our water entirely. However, we have the PB open and close (with no chemicals added by them.). Also, PB is on my speed dial for when something breaks. If it’s minor, I deal with it...
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    How much chlorine do I need to kill algae, given these parameters?

    You need your chlorine at 39 to do the SLAM. Raise it and keep it there until you pass the 3 criteria.
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    How did you decide what kind of pool and what size of pool?

    We have vinyl. We’re in NH, so closed 7 months of the year. We went with vinyl bc of the lower cost. This is the liner’s 12 summer and it’s showing no signs of wearing out, which I credit to being a TFP from day one. I am happy with the vinyl and, if we were to do it over again, I’d do vinyl...
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    Running pool equipment year round in winter / keeping small in ground pool open all year in Ohio

    Do you have a gas line, or a propane tank? If a tank, you’d also be relying on the gas being delivered every time before you run out.
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    Are 70-80 CYA Levels for SWG Pools Safe?

    Why would there be a sanitation problem if he does asi do? I keep my CYA at 50 and CL at 6.