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    Anhydrous Citric Acid - Rust-Oleum Concrete Etch

    Hello TFPers, I recently re-finished a concrete floor with a Rust-Oleum epoxy kit and it came with two 1-lb. bags of anhydrous citric acid for etching the concrete. Do you think I could use this product in lieu of ascorbic acid for removing metal stains? If so, would 2-lbs. be enough to treat...
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    Help With Sequestering Agent

    1.) There are several Jack's Magic...which one should I use? 2.) How much do I need for 17,500 gallons?
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    Help With Sequestering Agent

    Hello TFPers, Can someone help me outright or point me to a guide on which Sequestering agent to use for which metal problem with respect to pool finish? I need to do an ascorbic acid treatment to get rid of some pale-brownish stains that are cropping up in my pool (confirmed not algae) and I...
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    Sorry that you are dealing with the same issue I experienced with the 9550. I was not able to find a solution so I ended up selling both 9550s for scrap and spent about a year and a half cleaning my pool manually... until March of this year I purchased a Paxcess robot off of Amazon for $350 plus...
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    48 hrs into SLAM and the yellow in my plaster isn't disappearing

    Hi all. I started a SLAM 48+ hours ago because I noticed what I thought was yellow colored algae in various spots around the pool. It doesn't seem to be disappearing and I can't rub it away with my finger with vigorous scrubbing so could these spots be some sort of stain in the plaster? And if...
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    Polaris 9550 Sport Troubleshooting Help

    No. Still dealing with it. When this unit dies, I'll probably go with another brand.
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    Question about how much DE to add

    Good day everyone. I cleaned my filter today (Pentair FNS 48 sqft) and recharged my filter with approx 7.5 lbs DE according to the chart on the DE box and not the 4.8 lbs directed by the label on my filter itself. Whoops. I added 11 scoops of DE using a blue DE scoop. I calibrated it before as...
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    How can I test bleach for myself to confirm the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite?

    Take 0.1 mL and dilute to 1 liter? 0.1 mL seems like an awfully small volume so just double checking. Thanks for the help
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    How can I test bleach for myself to confirm the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite?

    In the absence of my standard go-to 6% bleach at aldi, I went to Pinch A Penny Pool Supply and got a 2.5 gallon jug of supposedly 10.5% Sodium Hypochlorite. I am skeptical of that 10.5% concentration. Yesterday, my FC was 4.0 pp. , so I added 40 oz yesterday which should have bumped FC up by 2...
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    Pool Math App: comments and question

    Please advise if this post should go under a different forum section. My comments and question are related to the Pool Math app that I purchased last month. I had been using Pool Pal for years and absolutely loved it. I could log test results, chem additions, filter pressure, and free hand...
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    My Timer Is Not Turning On

    Hi All, My Intermatic pool timer is not automatically turning on. I ordered a set of replacement trips and tried both the green and silver ones, but that didn't do anything. The timer itself works properly and the "OFF" trip is still working, but until I can fix the issue, I have to start my...
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    DjEclipse, See picture of two motor assemblies from my two Polaris 9550s. The one pictured at the top did exactly what yours is doing and just turned left. For me, it turns out the left drive motor completely burned out and wouldn't even turn freely (you can see the brown discoloration on it...