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    What now? Chlorine and pH questions

    Yes, or the Taylor K-2006C. It doesn't really matter as long as it's the same time of day. Determine your target FC based on your CYA level and add enough bleach to reach that, then check again ~24 hours later. You'll get to know your pool's daily FC usage and then you'll be able to dose...
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    What now? Chlorine and pH questions

    I agree with everything @tim5055 said. Only change I would make would be to test CYA a little more frequently at first, maybe weekly. This is because you've been using tablets and will want to monitor CYA closely to keep it in range. I no longer use tablets exclusively either, but I do use...
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    Pentair Warrior SE - length of power cord and Aux power control

    Maytronics Dolphin S200 also.
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    Need to Backwash Prior to Replacing DE Grids?

    Thanks. Followed your advice and it made cleaning out the filter tank much easier. I assembled the new grids into the manifold and saved a few that looked good for spares just in case. Put everything back together, including a new pressure gauge from TFTestkits. All is working great now...
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    Need to Backwash Prior to Replacing DE Grids?

    Title says it all :) I purchased a new set of grids and wondering whether I need to backwash before taking out the old ones and and replacing them. I guess backwashing might make the grids a little lighter, but could I instead just hose the old grids off instead? Just looking to avoid...
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    Hairnet dealies

    Yep! I guess I had to see for myself!
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    Hairnet dealies

    Yep. That's what I had to do. Same here. I discovered hairnets and robotic cleaners this year, and since I've been using both, my DE filter pressure hasn't moved. Normally I would have backwashed about 3x by now. One unintended consequence of hairnets: I was losing DE out of my filter...
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    pH meter

    Agree. I would think that distilled would be better than tap, since they have you rinse in distilled. LOL. Make sure you read (like I did not) that you can re-use the calibration fluid. I dumped mine the first two times I calibrated and now I need to buy more.
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    pH meter

    I bought the PH60 a few weeks ago after realizing I couldn't accurately match colors using the comparator. i am happy with it so far. It seems that, for testing pool water ONLY, you dont have to calibrate using the 4 pH or 10 pH standards, only the 7. Another member contacted Apera about...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Why the increased precision? Is it because you can rely on the lower strength percentage being more accurate over time? I've read the same, but I can't find it right now. As far as distilled water I have also read (and can't find right now) that distilled water is preferable for Cl dilution...
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    My Stenner install complete!

    Thanks for posting the details of your Stenner install. I'm getting the itch, but won't be able to pull the trigger until September. I don't think your plumbing job looks bad at all. Instead of re-plumbing you could always spray-paint the PVC. Question; In an earlier post you contemplated...
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    Stenner Install Replacing Jandy SWG

    Thanks for sharing your install, @poolneophyte. I'm looking for a way to automate adding chlorine to our pool. I like the way your pump attaches to the tank. Did you consider housing the pump in a weather-proof enclosure? Not sure how that would work with your tank.
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    To De or not to De?

    @Niteowl the way my 2-speed pump works is...if I set the timer to have the pump run on "low" speed first, it powers on at "high"speed first (for 5 minutes) then dials back to "low" automatically.
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    pH measurement accuracy

    Thanks from me also. Just purchased a PH60 recently and had the same question. Of course I didn't read the manual where it said the calibration fluid could be re-used, so I was dumping mine post calibration. Now I'm out :mad:
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    Trichlor and Liquid Chlorine experiment!?

    Yep. 8.1 on my wife's package scale!