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    Looking for a PVC straight thread fitting

    look also at the supply houses catering to your local electrical contractors.
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    Hanging a rectangular Intex Ultra Frame Pool directly from the pool deck

    Jonas, Sorry to see this setback. Don't toss the liner! Save it for repair pieces if something similar happens again. Glue is fairly inexpensive compared to a complete liner. I'm certain you would be able to think of a way to reinforce the next liner with pieces from this one, now that you...
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    summer waves pump not enough

    There are adapters available to convert your pool to either an Intex pump/filter set or a regular pool pump/filter. Check Amazon for these. If you go with the Intex, get the largest they have available. For a regular pool pump/filter set, check your local swap shop/craigslist for deals on used...
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    Trying it your way...

    Welcome to TFP! You really need one of the recommended test kits. Either the TF-100 or Taylor K-2006. Accept no substitutes. The money spent on the test kit will more than pay itself back in knowing exactly what is going on in your pool. Test strips go bad in only a few months, and pool store...
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    How often do you need to drain your pool?

    Drain and refill is usually what a pool store will tell you to do when they are out of ideas on what new chemical potion to sell you, that won't do any more than the rest of the junk they've already gotten you to buy. No need to do it if you are still keeping your pool maintained the way we...
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    High Pump and Filter Pressure

    The basic premise to having your own kit is accuracy in testing. We have found that pool store testing is quite frequently off by quite a bit, especially on the CYA test. You can't do a proper Overnight Chlorine Loss Test using pool store testing. The OCLT will tell you if there is a problem...
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    Hello! Another NEWB from MO

    Welcome to TFP from just up the road! I like your minimalist approach to the hard plumb. Did you use the original Intex holes? I'll add my voice to getting the TF-100. You won't find a better kit anywhere.
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    High Pump and Filter Pressure

    Your water can be clear, and still have something growing in it. Do you have one of the recommended test kits? Your use of the word shock makes me wonder. Please post the numbers.
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    High Pump and Filter Pressure

    Could it be you have something growing in your pool? Your description suggests this. Can you post a full set of numbers, including an OCLT?
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    Help: Pump motor shuts off&restarts question

    My first best guess would be the capacitor (if it has one) is getting flaky, about to completely quit. Second best guess would be the start/run switch is bad, so you are running on the start windings only. This would cause the pump to overheat, but usually quicker that 10-15 min. Check both...
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    Hi from erika9897

    Welcome to TFP! I've already replied to your pump question. Here you will find a great group of people to help you understand your pool, what it needs, and how to keep it looking good and working well for you.
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    Intex filter Pump not suctioning

    It would be helpful to know what Intex pump you have. The answer will depend entirely on this info.
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    Pool Stairs and Pet Question

    Can I add a short post here? Link to a youtube video of one of my 3 dogs:
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    Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

    If you haven't already, go ahead and purchase this. Yes, you need a better pump and filter system than what Intex offers. First thing I would do is order the proper seal and O-ring kit for that pump, and look at ordering a spider gasket for the vari-flo valve. Both are easy to install. You...
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    First TF-100 Test Results- Now What?

    There is a great little guide in Pool School: