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    Pool deck Extension/Screen Enclosure modifying

    Hi TFP, Wanted to ask your options/experience with extending a pool deck area with a screened enclosure, and also expanding the screened enclosure. Anyone have experience expanding the coverage of an existing screen enclosure? Below is our pool deck/enclosure currently. Looking to extend the...
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    Resurfacing with possible Addition....??

    Well, pool builder recommended, not going to be worth the money in his opinion, with loss of swim area, minimum cost of Cement truck and other possible issues/costs. He said if it was a new build, then it would be worth it. Took his advice, we are just going with resurfacing and new waterline...
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    Resurfacing with possible Addition....??

    I guess the contractor will do anything for more money, thanks for the input. We shall see what he says
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    Resurfacing with possible Addition....??

    Thats Thats what I figured they could do. Thanks for the visual.
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    Resurfacing with possible Addition....??

    Hello TFP, we are scheduled to start our pool resurfacing mid June. We will install new waterline tile and resurface with the product PMM Marquis Bluestone. Over MDW we visited some friends new build pool, which has a lovely sun shelf and bench feature down the side of the pool. Now the wife...
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    New TFP Member

    New TFP member. Pool owner for about one year now. 16' x 32' inground. Built in 1975. Not sure when it was last resurfaced. l can post photos later. Looking to replace our filtering system and resurface the pool. Here for some input and to see what others are using/doing. Look forward to...