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    Mastertemp 400 Short Cycling

    Had the same issue with my Mastertemp 300..never got error codes and slowly started failing like yours. Replaced a lot of the sensors like you did, thermal regulator etc.., nothing worked. Mine was only a few years old as well. Always have balanced chemicals..took it apart and saw this...
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    Pentair MASTERTEMP weird burner cycling

    Same thing happened to my Mastertemp 300. No error codes, everything tested out OK, but kept cycling around 80-90 degrees. See my thread --> Mastertemp 300 - SOLVED! - Cycling - Maybe it will help? Ended up being a rusted tube sheet. Replaced it and now works fine.
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    Setting schedules on my Intelliflo

    Also remember a speed cannot be programmed with the same start and stop times. To run a speed without stopping, set the Start time one minute after the stop time.
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    Setting schedules on my Intelliflo

    Speeds 1-4 (at least on mine) are set for any manual speeds you may want. 5-8 are setup for schedules, but 1-8 can be setup as "scheduled". Make sure the speeds are programmed as scheduled not manual. If you select a speed 1-4 and then hit start/stop it will run that speed manually. If you...
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    Setting schedules on my Intelliflo

    Is the Start/Stop button selected on the panel. If you created a schedule you still need to make sure the pump is in "start" mode to run the schedules.
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    Mastertemp 300 - SOLVED! - Cycling -

    I ran it multiple times with it cycling and never saw any LED's. Even replaced the control board and still no LED's came on. It seems to be fixed though so I'll go with it. But like you I wish I would of seen an LED and then replaced the heat exchanger and saw it go away. There was quite a...
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    Mastertemp 300 - SOLVED! - Cycling -

    Been fighting a cycling Mastertemp 300 heater for most of the summer season. It would start to cycle once the temperature would reach around 88 degrees, cycle again and then eventually the service heater light would come on. This would occur when heating the spa or pool. So I: 1. Checked...
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    Winter vacuums

    I run mine a few times over the winter under the cover. Usually to pick up the worms that somehow find there way in
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    Robot Use In Winter?

    I use mine a couple times over the winter to clean up the worms/bugs/occasional leaf that finds it way under the winter cover. The cold water doesn't seem to bother it. I normally run a cycle or two and then remove immediately, rinse off and put back in storage. Also apply an chlorine/muratic...
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    New build in Michigan - Look over my quote please!

    Curious as to the "was not wowed"..what was not to your liking on previous builds by the builder? I assume you have a plan to dispose of all that dirt? I am in Michigan as well...we happened to find a local dirt bike track that was more than willing to take the dirt. Our pool is roughly the...
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    Pool light and bubbler light on separate switches?

    I can only add that we originally had our pool light and spa light all wired together. We had a problem during initial start-up and they ended up wiring them separately and I am very glad they did. It is nice to be able to sit in the hot tub and not have to see the glow of the pool during late...