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    My experience with Pentair and Maytronics/Dolpin with my beach entry pool

    Can you expand on this? Are you just saying the cable could fail due to the strain of the robot pulling against it? I guess I'm getting mixed up on the terminology, will the floating cable have a problem or is the problem a floating cable? :unsure: This was my thought as well, my Dolphin S300i...
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    Trouble Maintaining Chlorine and Stabilizer

    I was actually impressed that this pool store told him "raise CYA, use liquid chlorine" - seems pretty okay to me, but then I read about the "magic" stuff. If the test results are accurate, I'm at a loss but interested to see what turns up. Even if CYA were in fact 0, I still wouldn't think...
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    Ongoing Nuisance Algae Problem

    I'm very early in my pool ownership (less than a year) but like you I've never had my FC drop below recommended levels and usually am quite close or just over the upper end for my given CYA level. Yet like you, I have had a fine green film show up 2 or 3 times. Typically I can't even tell it's...
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    Mustard Algae?

    Am I taking too simple an approach here by asking what does the area feel like? If it's biological/algae/etc shouldn't it have a fuzzy or slimy or slick texture? If the plaster is stained shouldn't it feel just like the unstained plaster next to it? So what does the area feel like to the touch?
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    Installing water bond in filter basket?

    You never provided the link for this last option you referenced, which I suspect is the one that I have, but I would add a caveat that if it is installed in a pipe that is below the pool water level, then the pipe will have water in it and the water will be bonded. Suspect there are many who...
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    Water Chemistry Coming off the charts when pool level water elevates

    It wouldn't necessarily be anything to see around the equipment pad, and many times a drain is just plumbed to a nearby drainage pipe or even just into the soil underground. Do you have any openings around the edge of the pool below the deck at all? Many would look like a small grate, such as this:
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    I agree with what others said, not sure how full the pool is now but I'd probably add your liquid chlorine as it fills, just add it where the hose is running to help stir it in. Regarding the above, don't just go for the minimum (3), I'd plan for 5 as an absolute lower limit once you have any...
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    Pump Stops After An Hour Or So..........

    I thought it was tested at both, but not sure if it was under load. I know nothing about those dials and such though, but I do see the 115 indicator your arrow is pointing to.
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    Pump Stops After An Hour Or So..........

    Yeah, I'm definitely not an expert but earlier 120V was verified at the pump, but this photo of the label on the pump clearly says "Motor prewired 230 volt" - so could the 120 voltage at the pump be the problem?
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    CYA zeroing out

    Did you ever get scientific backing of this theory or just an observation of your own? Because we have gotten a bunch with our heavy rains this summer, and my CYA dropped at a rate that seemed rather surprising to me, so that would be a very interesting causation if it is accurate.
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    Yeah I am actually rather surprised they even acknowledge the high CYA as a “problem.” You’d think they would just say “Well just look, the pool is clean, right? See you next Tuesday to drop in some more pucks.”
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    Cloudy again after rains.

    Gotcha - more so was confused because Gemini quoted their own post which had the "this thread is worthless" emoji, but when I scrolled back up to said post that emoji isn't actually there or anywhere else for that matter. Then not-Gemini posted pics of a collapsed pool, but I'm not sure if those...
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    Cloudy again after rains.

    I'm so confused right now.
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    Slow pressure increase when adding DE to sand filter

    The mystery continues. As I mentioned before I started at 10, added DE until it got to 10.5 and stopped there. About 24 hours later it was at 12, sweet, logical. Now another 24 hours later it's back to 10.5 or even less. Same pump RPM the whole time. I'm not worried about it, just perplexed...
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    Slow pressure increase when adding DE to sand filter

    Pool is not crazy dirty, and the filter is still new (6 or 7 months). Just completing my SLAM and trying to finish off collecting some finer bits I see primarily floating past the pool lights at night. I understand the point/effects of DE in a sand filter, just had not read of others who...