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    Liner decision: Tan Flora or Stone Canyon?

    I would definitely go with the Stone Canyon. You will be able to see all the lighter "swirls" in the Tan Flora grow "dingy" each year, until they are very dull looking; also, the water level will probably fall in the middle or the bottom of that pattern and the natural fading (from sun and...
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    UPDATE -safe to swim? Worst Pool Store Ever!

    Re: Worst Pool Store Ever! Just to give you some encouragement - in February my pool turned green because it was really hot and I was sick for 3 weeks, unable to care for it. It stayed dark green until early April when I could clean/open it. I got it to light green and then cloudy/blue within a...
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    Just had to drain more than half, because TDS was over 2500

    Re: Just had to drain more than half, because TDS was over 2 No offense to your friend, or your friendship, but if you continue down the path he's suggesting you will continue to have problems. But that's up to you. Sometimes we have to learn the harder, longer, more expensive way. I knew...
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    Want to raise pH via aeration for TA lowering - get air leak

    Re: Want to raise pH via aeration for TA lowering - get air Here's what I built two years ago for my return...brought the pH up from 7.2 to 7.8 in two days. download/file.php?id=6372&mode=view download/file.php?id=6373&mode=view
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    Recommendations or ideas for guest gear storage?

    When we have a pool party it is usually at least 10 adults and 15 or more kids - so there's a lot of "gear" that ends up getting stacked by the walls, chairs, etc. Does anyone have any ideas for outdoor cubbies or other shelving/storage units that are somewhat decorative (i.e. not metal...
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    My New Pool

    I don't think you have a cartridge filter, you have a DE filter, correct? You may or may not need to clean and/or add DE to it at certain points - I'll let someone with that knowledge speak up. I have a cartridge filter and I clean the four cartridges twice per year when everything is running...
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    Foreclosure swamp and errant pool service?

    (Welcome to TFP!) I would not floc either - you can do this without it. Here was my pool when we started cleaning it (it only got to this point because it got really warm and I got really sick in February!) and when we finished - the only two things I put in it were CYA and bleach...
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    New Build in Central Texas

    Gorgeous, Vonrussell! Thanks for sharing pictures. Can't wait to see more!
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    18 days and finally done!

    Re: 7 days and counting I have to make the rounds...Target, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowe's, and then around again! My color is almost where it should be and then it will just be a waiting game for the filter to clear the rest of the cloudiness. Glad to see you are finally done!
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    18 days and finally done!

    Re: 7 days and counting Still going strong here too, LS1M, and still greenish-hazy in the deep end. It seems like I've made very little progress in the last week. Nothing to do but keep on keeping on. I tell myself, it didn't get this way overnight, it's not going to get fixed overnight either...
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    18 days and finally done!

    Re: 7 days and counting If it makes you feel any better, I'm on day 9 and I'm not even at cloudy blue yet :) I got really sick for almost 4 weeks in January - February and couldn't maintain my pool, which had been its usual beautiful sparkling blue all winter. It turned into a dark green muck...
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    My new build

    Chris, if you have Paint (go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint) you can size your pictures down before uploading them.
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    what do we do with the antifreeze?

    Theresa, To open my inground pool, I just reverse the steps I did to close it (as far as getting the lines back open and parts reinstalled) - then I start testing and adjusting. And if you used pool antifreeze, it is okay to go into the water once you start the pump. It will probably affect the...
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    Any advice?

    Well, the deed is done and I think we escaped without any damage, at least that I can tell so far. Fingers crossed. Thank you all for your ideas and advice. Several times yesterday DH threatened to just go in with his bathing suit on but I made him wait until I could pick up the wetsuit. He...
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    Any advice?

    Thanks for all the advice. DH offered to go in himself so I'll stand by for help. I'll talk to him about using a rope, great idea if he can get it tied around! I do worry about him a little down there - he's normally kind of rough-handed and who knows how much more he'll be so when he's shocking...