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    bizare algae problem

    thanks guys - unsure of heater, and in fact it didnt cross my mind, however if there is one on site (i will confirm) it will be a titanium heat exchanger unit Apparently the shop is sending me a sample by post, my fingers are crossed the envelope doesnt rip mid transit and cause panic in the...
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    bizare algae problem

    Right - im stumped, for the first time in 12 years of supplying algae treatments i thought i had seen it all, and somewhere in the back of my little mind i think i have seen this before. its a white large flakey, almost calcium looking algae originally i lent towards the SWG and possible...
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    SAND in the POOL or Calcium deposits

    i would doubt if it was plaster. Is it the same colour as your pool surface ? lack of vacuuming generally doesnt cause the plaster to fall off
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    Asthma and Chlorinated Pools

    aside from the fact that there are some fundamental flaws in the whole thing i would also have been interested to see what kind of result they got to base level asthma they got in a town with no access to a swiming pool, either indoor or outdoor guess this will be another paper to be apearing...
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    Which lights for my pool?

    if you are getting oasis nova falls - my suggestion would be to look at their savi system use a SaVI source LED fibre iluminator instead of the noisy halide ones you can then match the colour change up in the pool with the savi note/ savi melody light system we have sold around 300+ of these...
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    Phosphates can be a serious problem

    Without wading into this debate ...again i agree with the below
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    E-Clear System

    This one is the absolute best :goodjob: Oh no - i was wrong - this is very soon we will see 3. Chlorine is produced by Al Queda and is responsible for global terrorism :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: Looks like the ioniser manufacturers have a new update out now - addition of...
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    High CYA Levels, Shocking, Yellow/Mustard Algae

    Fotunatley i have been involved with this pool since its construction a few years ago, unnfotunatly in the lighting side only, and not the filtration/hydraulics, which is seriously lacking in a bit of common sense..... much like the future maintenance by a service company. The valet had been to...
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    Using KI and Thiosulfate Titration for FC. What about CC?

    surely a test kit would be a lot easier ? :?: :?: :?:
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    High CYA Levels, Shocking, Yellow/Mustard Algae

    We often see case's of mustard algae over the summer here, and have a method that has always fixed As mentioned straight copper based alagecides and phosphate removers as killers are a waste of time for a quick clear, and based on the high levels of chlorine required to kill this persistent...
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    Phosphates are the food stuff of algae

    precisely what i was trying to say - its totally horses for courses, and like having auto insurance if you are a not so good driver :cheers:
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    Phosphates are the food stuff of algae

    It is marketing material from lo-chlor, has been on our website for around 5 years Lo-chlor source the lanthanum from the usual supplier, however they have added secret herbs and spices and patented this in australia, it does not cause cloudy water when added, why i dont know, i am certainly...
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    Phosphates are the food stuff of algae

    As much as i love to wasde into the debate on phosphates and lanthanum....... There are lantanum compounds that do not require clarifiers added after application Chlorine is the best algaecide in the world 99.9% of pool owners do not maintain the chlorine level in their pool as they should...
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    Does low speed filter better than hi speed?

    The slower the water goes through a sandfilter the better, this is part of the reason why commercial tanks are so big (not just fiction losses and bigger pumps/pools) but their recommended flow rate is a lot slower than a domestic pool (gpm/squarefoot filter)