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    Another new Texas pool build in this busy summer!

    SWG = Salt Water Generator , so yes a Salt Pool. I just had mine built, and will tell you that the PB hardly builds the pool. Mine only designed it and marked it, after that it was all different trades. Out of the 7 pool companies I got quotes from only one stated that the crew for...
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    New Austin Build - comparing top bids

    I've only had mine for less than a month. Seems to be doing well, takes a few times for it to learn the pool. If you have a ledge or benches it won't work well for does, you have to brush that manually and it does floor and walls. There are a couple more higher ends models, but I didnt see the...
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    Anyone with JewelScapes Crystal? StoneScapes Mini Zanzibar?

    White actually hides the imperfections better than any other color. Make sure you are happy with the color and the feel of the material on your skin. We ended up going with Quartzscapes, one was due to cost and second was due to smoothness.
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    New Austin Build - comparing top bids

    I would ditch a cleaner that runs off a booster pump and just have them offset that and get a robot.
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    Spoke to an electrician... is this right?

    I'll have to double check my recent install, but looks like the pump is direct to the sub panel and I can kill it from there.
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    New Build in Central Texas - Electric Complete

    Is the waterfall the only feature your pool has? We did a 4 ton waterfall and I think it was the perfect amount of rock used.
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    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    I think it ranges about $500-$700 to add a foot. So your price seems about right. It will look smaller. Once they add depth you can see it take shape.
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    Now Considering OB in Houston

    That is one reason I didn't bother with OB. I've had the luxury of being WFH and have seen my pool take shape from start to end. A lot of these subs are loyal to the PB due to the relationships. The tile guy, plaster, decking guys all have been working with my PB for 10+ years. The electrician...
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    Gunite vs. Shotcrete

    Gunite, dry mix hits water as it is applied. Shortcrete, mixed and is applied wet from the truck. Really will depend on region, trades, and PB preference. Both will do serve the purpose. YouTube some versus videos.
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    Sugar Land Pool Bid (Houston, Texas)

    Building one now. Almost done. The in floor cleaning system is pricey, should only be needed if you want it or if you have structures (bars,tables,etc) that a robot can't get around. Seems like a cool idea, but also just another component that can break. I would reconsider spray deck. I would...
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    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    Is this the same thing as the Rola Chem Peristaltic Pumps for swimming pool and spa systems by Rola-Chem ?
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    New Build - Dallas Area

    After coping is done, decking goes (assuming the electrical runs have been done.) and then plaster. almost there.
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    Now Considering OB in Houston

    Go with the 400K heater, even if just for your spa. Over the lifetime of the unit it will be better to have it than not. I would ditch the auto fill and just do a manual line from one of your hose bibs. A lot of people complain about the auto fill breaking over time or hiding leaks. Your spa...