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    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    Leik, your Windmill looks fantastic 👍
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    Dirk, I'd like to try to illuminate the raised wall and the 2 scuppers. Our arbor is about 20 ft away. I was thinking of mounting a spot or flood 9 ft high on the arbor and angling it down to shine on the wall. What do you think?
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    Good tackle box for cheap

    Thanks for this idea. All my testing equipment can be in just ONE place....organized too! Buying now👍 Good thing I'm not in a hurry. Say it'll ship in June 🤪
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    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    I believe European fan palms are cold hardy 5-15 degrees. Chinese windmill palms would be a better choice from a cold hardiness perspective.
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    North Texas Pool Temps in July/Aug

    It will depend upon how many 100 degree days in a row we have. Our has been in the low 90's.
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    New Pool Build - Mansfield, TX

    Our robot is incredibly efficient at cleaning our pool far better than our old Polaris. Also, there's no loud booster pump using up a bunch of electricity either. BTW...Your Texas pool will be hot in the summer with a black plaster.
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    Wow, your plaster job came out fantastic. 👍
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    Grackle Season

    I string up fishing line, criss cross above our pool. The grackles won't fly over anymore and drop those poop sacs. They also like to drop them on your freshly washed and waxed car.
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    Landscaping ideas - Houston Texas

    That looks very nice. If it we me, I would not have any crape myrtles near a pool. They are pretty, but those petals will find their way into the pool.
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    Thanks for all your thoughts, Dirk. I wasn't thinking of using the spots in the same "light" as you. 😄 Sorry I couldn't help myself.
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    So I'm trying to figure out what to do with my raised wall (15" tall ). There are canna lilies planted behind the wall. I feel like this area will need lighting, but I'm not sure what to do here. Any suggestions? This is the right side of the wall. So far I can see a spots on the dried palm...
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