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Thread: Swimspa chemistry...brilliance for spas system???

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    Swimspa chemistry...brilliance for spas system???

    We just started using our indoor 19' Hydropool swimspa, 2500 gallons, with ozonator. I apologize, in advance, for my lack of knowledge.
    We had a very quick/brief chemistry orientation with the technician to get us up and running, however: the full "wet orientation", which will go through more specific "issues" has yet to occur. The spa store said to use the Brilliance for Spas line of chemicals. The weekly regimen the spa tech suggested was to check and balance TA and pH, then add 3 oz of Chlorinating granules ("based on usage" per store) and 5 oz of Oxidizer (always). Rinse the filter monthly and chemical clean filter every 3-4 months. Technician did not indicate any additional daily routine.
    We (3 of us) use the spa daily for about an hour or so and keep it at around 89 degrees. I have been checking the chemistry on a weekly basis.
    Upon weekly checking, the pH is always high (8.4). The TA is usually 80-120. The FC is around 1 and the TBR is usually between 1-3. This is before adding any chemicals.
    The water is clear and smells clean, however: the water is a bit irritating to the eyes and nose.
    The other issue is with the shear volume of water (2500 gallons), I am going through the Brilliance for Spas chemicals like crazy. And, the company does not sell their products in any larger or bulk amounts. I have really noticed this with the amount of pH decrease I am going through. In order to bring the pH down to acceptable levels I need to add 24 teaspoons of pH decreaser each week...which is fine, if I can buy pH decreaser in bulk!
    I have a similar situation with going through Oxidizer very quickly...needing to buy in bulk. The tech told us to ALWAYS add 5 oz of oxidizer per week However, the oxidizer container indicates adding 2 oz per 250 gallons of water...for 2500 gallons, that would be 20 oz of oxidizer per week! The container is only a 2lb (32 oz) container!
    The other issue is the chlorinating granules...I am checking once per week and adding 3 oz. However with using the granules, should I be checking this more often?
    So, my questions..
    1. Am I ok with sticking with this weekly regimen as suggested or should I be checking (esp FCl and TBR) more often?
    2. Seems like pH is typically high, I don't know what TA should be or how to manage it.
    3. Do I wait and recheck water after adjusting pH before adding chlorine and oxidizer? Do I recheck the water after adding chlorine granules and oxidizer?
    4. Do I need to stay with the Brilliance for Spas system (only available in smaller sizes, probably designed for smaller volumes of water and therefore very$$$$$) for my water chemistry or can I go with products designed for pools which are available in larger bulk quantities, and therefore much more economical?
    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Swimspa chemistry...brilliance for spas system???

    Oh...also, the technician put in a Nature2 SunPurity mineral sanitizer cartridge into one of the skimmers.

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    Re: Swimspa chemistry...brilliance for spas system???


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    Re: Swimspa chemistry...brilliance for spas system???

    The eye irritation you are experiencing is from the high pH. The cheapest way to lower it and get it to around 7.5 +- a little is muriatic acid. I don't know anything about the Brilliance for Spa's line of chemicals, so I can't help there.

    How are you testing your water? Your pH reading is a bit suspicious to me. The test kits I'm familiar with, 8.2 is the highest reading. If you want to take control of your pool I suggest you read through Pool School, read through Pool School again, and get a good test kit. Check out for a comparison of recommended test kits.
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