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Thread: Water balance problems

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    Water balance problems

    Two weeks I have been battling balance issues and a slight pale green algae on bottom of pool.
    Here are my numbers:
    Tc 4.6
    FC 4.3
    Cc .3
    Ph 6.8
    TA 100
    CYA 80

    Put in filter aid and ph up, now my PH is 7.5 & TC is 4.5 today, other numbers the same.
    Filter pressure has risen slightly, maybe not enough to be concerned with.
    Water hazy but no green I can really see.
    Help please!
    AG 24' ( Columbia PL30-6 sand filter), 2hp 2 sp pump, cholorine, Tennessee
    Taylor k- 2006 test kit

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    Re: Water balance problems

    AG 24' ( Columbia PL30-6 sand filter), 2hp 2 sp pump, cholorine, Tennessee
    Taylor k- 2006 test kit

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    Re: Water balance problems

    If you have algae, you need to perform the Shock Level And Maintain process.

    With CYA at 80, that means FC needs to be waaaaay up there at 31.

    That's the only way to get ahead of the algae growth and get it killed off for keeps. And it's not just taking it to 31 FC one time; it might need a few days to complete the process. Follow the SLAM instructions completely.
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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    Re: Water balance problems

    Unless you have a SWG, what went wrong is that at a CYA level of 80 you needed to keep at a very minimum 6ppm FC to prevent algae and to kill organics and bacteria in your pool water and it's recommended you actually target keeping it at 9ppm as the daily maintenance level. That 6 is just the MINIMUM !!
    Under 6 and things start growing and the green tint is bad but it's the stuff you don't see in there I'd be more worried about if you share that pool with others.

    See the table for your CYA here - - >

    You need to SLAM (shock) the pool to get rid of the "green" as mentioned by Richard above in the link.
    It would be good to also drain off some water to dilute that CYA level down to something more reasonable in the 30-50 range before you SLAM so it's financially more reasonable in the amount of bleach you'll use.

    If you are presently using a bag shock for chlorine it could be why your CYA is so high. We recommend you use liquid bleach to chlorinate the pool as it doesn't contain anything else and leaves your CYA level stable.
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    Re: Water balance problems

    What test kit are using to get your results ?
    24'x54" AG Morada RTR (by wilbar) 13'500 gal. Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1hp 2 speed. Hayward Perflex EC65 DE filter.

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