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Thread: Leak in PVC joint

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    Leak in PVC joint

    My 2" PVC pipe leading to the filter has developed a small leak in the pipe joint. It only leaks 2-3 ounces in a three hour period and only when the pump is on. What is the best way to seal the joint?
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    Re: Leak in PVC joint

    It is normally pretty impossible to "patch" a PVC joint. Generally, they need to be remade.

    Yours' sounds like it could get by to the end of the season or start of next, however.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Leak in PVC joint

    Lowes / HD will have a rubber tape for wrapping around a water leak. If it is just a small drip leak this should fix it rather nicely. When you put the tape on be sure and stretch it as you apply it.
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    Re: Leak in PVC joint

    There are many 'patches' including the tape mentioned, epoxy, etc. Some people even try to glob more pvc cement over it. The fact is that PVC joints are not really 'glued', they are solvent 'welded'. The primer and glue soften the PVC and when dry 'weld' the PVC together. You should never try to apply new primer or PVC cement to the outside of a pipe. Epoxy or the tape *can* stop some leaks, but at best you should consider it a temporary fix, especially for pressurized systems. The only real fix is to cut out the leaking joint and put a new one in.
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    Re: Leak in PVC joint

    If your joint is a difficult to reach area for easy replacement, then you can try the next best thing, patching.

    Cut a piece of pvc pipe 1" length and cut it into half round (you ended up with 2 "C" shaped pieces). Use one piece to patch like you would to a tire tube patch (like first aid plaster) on the pipe right next to the joint. This would sort of thicken the pipe to same level as the elbow or whatever joint. Put lots of solvent and hold the patch as close to the joint until cured. Then apply the other "C" shape piece as another patch right on top of the leak.

    Solvent by itself can seal any leaks but it cannot withold any pressure, but with this type of patch, it can withold certain pressure.
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