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Thread: low salt readings

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    low salt readings

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and am looking to get some help with the latest problem with my SWG. I live in Orlando, FL and have a 12,000 gal in ground pool with an Aquarite SWG.

    The last two times I had the water professionally tested, everything checked out fine. The pool chemistry was all in order. However the SWG's salt readings were very low. Actual tested salt level: 3500 ppm. SWG reading:1400.

    When turned on, the cell begins to generate chlorine but shuts down after a short while. While it's running, voltage level is around 25, amperage is around 3.5.
    I recently replaced the original Aquarite T-15 cell (8 years old) with a new aftermarket T-15 cell with no improvement. About 3 years ago I replaced the board, revision 1.58, and last year I replaced the [quarter sized black thing] on the board (the proper name escapes me at the moment, sorry).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: low salt readings

    Welcome to TFP luna!

    Sorry I cant help, but maybe someone sharp on this can offer something for you. Hopefully the bump will get it seen.
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    Re: low salt readings

    How old is the new cell?
    Typically when a cell starts failing it starts showing la low salt condition when none exists?
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    Re: low salt readings

    Thanks for the replies. I fixed the problem. As is often the case, it was partly "operator error", but mostly T-cell manufacturer error.
    The instructions that came with the replacement T-cell stated the SWG should read T-15, which it did. However the new T-cell was actually a T-3. After the light bulb came on in my head, with a little research I was able to re-set the SWG and it works fine.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: low salt readings

    Wait, so you replace the T-15 (40k) cell with a T-3 (15k) cell?

    Did you order the smaller cell or did they send you wrong one? The T-3 is pretty small for your pool and I would guess you will not get 8 years out of it and will have to run at a much higher output level or run the pump longer.

    We recommend cells sized 1.5-3 times larger than the pool, The T-9 might have been a better fit than the T-3, but the T-15 would last longer.
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    Re: low salt readings

    Actually, I had ordered the T-3 cell, after consulting with the supplier, who indicated it was the correct cell for my size pool.
    Your recommendation seems sound to me, and I will probably follow it next time.

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