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Thread: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

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    Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    After interviewing and getting quotes from 4 firm so far, I could not make my mind since all nice guys promise the same thing and their quotes are 5% difference at most. Anyone you used and where happy with?

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    Re: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    have you made up your mind as to what kind of pool you want?
    gunite, vinyl or tile. and above ground or in ground then as to what kind of filtering system or bio-active system.
    you might study that on this forum. I lived near Cambrian ad just moved to Tn in Dec.
    the pool home I bought had a un-utilized SWG/SWCG or salt water chlorine generator unused for about 10 years.
    it was in disrepair but I fixed it.
    salt is 3500 PPM so study the SWG section, it is barely noticeable when recent guest last week
    had never tried a salt pool ad were very surprised they could swim with their eyes open and no burning or stinging.
    not to mention when they got out they had not feeling or immediate desire to shower chemicals off.
    just had to mention that. also I have hardly done any thing to the pool in 3 weeks now. other than to brush it down.
    no chemicals added or shocked so cost was low using BBB method found on this forum; the-bbb-method-f54.html
    until SWG was working.

    the only pool builder I really talked with was at Bascom and Camden next to the gas station. you may have been there.
    he had a filtering system that ran off a few solar cells installed. he also has a high voltage ultraviolet bio cleaner installed
    there too if I remember right. but my research on those was the lamps had to be replaced about every two years and were
    very expensive. figure out what you want in a pool before you buy..get what you want not what they are selling.

    PS. check with your insurance company too. I have read here that some charge $800 extra for a diving board and maybe
    even just as much more for a slide. if those are in your plans. you might want to change carriers first.

    as for vinyl pool I believe you can get any shape you want and they can make it. one pool home I looked at had
    a vinyl pool that looked like Oklahoma with the pan handle being striped for laps.
    most vinyl is warranted for about 20 years I think.
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    Re: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    I am planning an in ground gunite pool because I hear that fiberglass pools are not made in size I want . 40" x 18" and would have their own issues over time that make them a wash compare to Gunite pools.
    As for equipment I decided to go with Pentair and get a solar since they should pay off in couple of years. Also will use SWG and any other system that reduces the amount of chlorine and chemicals in water. No infloor cleaning since there is another thing to worry about and cost a lot.
    Thanks for help anyway on SWG if the difference is so noticeable than it is a must!

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    Re: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    I'll admit to passing on a lot of homes due to them being salt pools.
    did not like the thought. but did not know much then.
    ocean water 35,000 PPM pool 1/10 as much 3500 ppm...
    check the SWG section for issues with gunite if any. some may be experiencing corrosion or issues with
    PH balance. good section to study. and ask questions they will help.
    I believe the pool I have is built just like a gunite but is lined with vinyl.
    18X36 Grecian 24400 est., pacfab sand Triton II, 1.5hp AOSmith, clormatic 2

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    Re: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    I'm in San Jose and used Padilla Pools for our pool remodel. They build new pools too. Can't say I would recommend them. The people they had on their referral list were positive about their remodels and the price was better than Adams, so we went with them.

    A 5-6 week quoted job turned into 3 months. We had 1400 feet of travertine deck installed as well as all the plumbing redone. In the end it came out nice. The Ester was our point person and she was always rude and the sales person, Ed would never return calls. I think they got busy and they didn't know how to handle it. They used good materials, but the tools they had were poor. They didn't even have a proper tile saw when it came to cutting the tile. They used a large gas hand held saw used for cutting concrete. I had them recut the tiles in the spa co they were not chipped.

    They were a real pain to work with and I'm usually pretty easy to get along with. Ed would verbally quote me a price for an add on and never follow up with it in writing. Then tell me it was more expensive after they finished the work.

    They didn't even know about running a separate skimmer and drain lines. I had them replumb the spa after they did it wrong the first time. Then they neglected to put in an air trap in the air line for the Jacuzzi jets.

    If this Padilla is one of the 4 your looking at, you could reduce it to 3 in my opinion. Good luck finding the right builder.

    By the way, you do not want to use a SWG if you are going with travertine a deck. A pool builder told me that pools he has seen with a SWG over the years have had the travertine soften and deteriorate.
    24k gal 16x38, spa 7x6, Colorscape Caribbean Blue plaster, Pentair Intelliflow, Hayward jacuzzi air pump, Pentair 520 filter, Raypak 336k cu-ni heater, Aquabot Turbo T... pool remodel finished 8/2012.

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    Re: Pool builder in San Jose, CA anyone you used?

    just a note to; the pool home I just bought even though out of the area.
    they used a 3" thick 3'X3' concrete pad for my sand filter area. the whole pad was installed
    on some of the fill created when the pool was built.
    as you might guess the large sand filter as big as they are. it olds 300+ pounds of sand and this on top of
    the water that may be in it too....water 1 gallon weighs 8 Lbs.
    the filter sits on one corner of the pad and the whole thing has been shifting ever the years. it looks like the plumbing has
    been repaired once already. and it looks like it may not make it through this season without a major
    leak. build a good strong and wide enough pad.....don't cut your self short.

    true about the travertine and a SWG. I feel the same way with gunite and plaster too with SWG.
    that is why the mention of the high intensity UV lights though they are expensive I do not know how their efficiency is
    or the cost of running one is. research to be done.
    mean while I'm stuck with this 15 year old pool, kids depth low end....diving board cut off to save on insurance by the last owner.
    18X36 Grecian 24400 est., pacfab sand Triton II, 1.5hp AOSmith, clormatic 2

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