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Thread: AG pool under an oak tree

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    AG pool under an oak tree

    I have a 24' round AG pool. I am on my third filter in 6 years, the newest of which failed over the winter. I'm hoping you all can help me brainstorm the causes of a liner leak.

    I suspect the oak tree that looms over the pool, dropping hundreds of acorns in it every year. I'm sure that when the pool was installed by the previous owner (the pool appears to be very old) the tree was much smaller. Now I have to decide whether to just replace the liner (for the third time), the entire pool in the same location, or just remove it. I don't have a suitable alternate location in the yard.

    Here is the history. I bought the house in 2006. I think the pool is old because of its appearance, and also because the young lady at the pool store did not believe me when I told her how deep it is (about waist high), plus it was nearly impossible to find parts for the filter. A few years later the liner sprung a leak and I paid a pro to replace it. I admit, this one was not a high-quality liner, and a year or so later, that one failed. Next I chose a different pro to install the best liner he sold. Two years later, that one leaked, too.

    I think the leak is in the bottom because the pool is nearly completely empty. During a dry spell I removed any water that was left over and inspected the liner. I could not see any obvious holes, shears, or tears.

    I don't want to put money into a pool (especially if I have to replace the structure, too, which it looks like I will. The sides have buckled in places, and it is rusting) that will need a new liner and new water and chemicals every 2 years.

    On the leak, here are my suspects:

    1. Acorns. They have a sharp pointy end, which are often stepped on. However, they are brittle; I was not able to puncture a scrap piece of the liner with one.
    2. Bugs. I've heard bugs sometimes eat liners. Is this true?
    3. Defective liner. I don't like this one because three defective liners in a row is not likely.
    4. Bad installation. I don't like this one because I used two different installers.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How to pros find leaks?
    2. Is there a product that goes between the sand and the liner to protect it from puncture?
    3. Is building an AG pool under an oak tree a dumb idea?

    My kids (ages 4 and 1) and my wife (who is home with them over the summer) really want the pool back, but I don't want the headache. Thank you for your advice.


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    Re: AG pool under an oak tree

    Bugs will eat through a liner and there are a few options like foam, gorilla pad and a few other products that you can use to put under the liner, but carpenter ants can eat pretty much through any of them, I'm not saying that is what it is but there is a chance it might be.....good luck......Mike
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    Re: AG pool under an oak tree

    Gorilla Pad is meant to go under the bottom and prevent tears or pokes thru the liner, I have it on my pool, it is not meant to provide padding or comfort.
    You have another option to consider: cut the tree down.
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