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Thread: Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

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    Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

    I am ordering pool cleaner today and is torn between Hayward Navigator and Zodiac MX8.
    Those are about same price (Zodiac is $35 cheaper).
    Any advice will be HIGHLY appreciated !

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    Re: Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

    We have an MX8 and I absolutely love it. Right now it's picking up the dirt off the pool floor from the heavy rains we've been having. Our pool is in a screen enclosure so large pieces of debris aren't an issue, but some state that their MX8 can get stuck if it attempts to pick up anything fibrous like palm leave strands or the like. Hose interlocking system appears to be holding after close to a year of using it. We purchased the MX8 and received a $100 rebate which helped a bit. Good luck!
    Jorge - Tampa Bay

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    Re: Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

    We don't have palm trees in Canada though
    Does it mater if I have vinyl pool or they work the same?

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    Re: Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

    I think Hayward makes two different models of the navigator, one for concrete/plaster and one for vinyl. I'm on my third navigator (in 10 years). I'm not sure on the vinyl, but the concrete ones wear out. I 99% sure they've engineered them to die 2 months after the warranty is up.

    I can't speak to the MX8, but replacement parts seem VERY expensive for the hayward. As previously stated i'm on my 3rd cleaner after patching together my second cleaner, for a year or so (with parts from my first cleaner). This last go round I bought a "rebuild kit" basically a whole hayward minus the top shell on ebay. It was about half the price of a new cleaner, and everything was brand new.

    Not sure that helps, but you may want to think about repair/replacement costs while figuring out which one to get.


    ETA: I do have queen palms around my pool. The hayward does pick up 90% of the palm leaves with no problems. If they are flexible enough to get into the vacuum hole, it will be no problem. The biggest problem i have is rocks the size from pea to marble. Those things get in there and jam up the gear which stops the thing cold.
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    Re: Hayward Navigator vs Zodiac MX8

    What about Zodiac Baracuda G2?
    It is $200 with no rebates involved. Does not look as cool as MX8, but seems to have good review on youtube as being simple and reliable for long time.

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