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Thread: best pool heater???

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    best pool heater???

    I am looking at buying a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Low NOx Pool and Spa Heater Nat gas 400,000 btu.

    any opinions?

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    Re: best pool heater???

    Just make sure it's the HD model with a cupro nickel heat exchanger.

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    Re: best pool heater???

    Where are you located and how do you intend on using your heater?

    In areas with great southeastern exposure, and a good amount of sunlight, AND space to place solar panels, solar would be very economical and efficient to keep your pool heated.
    If you plan on only using your pool or spa, whenever you want to, and don't mind waiting for the water to heat up, a gas heater will allow you to heat the water quickly...but can get costly.
    If you want to use your pool or spa all the time, and are dealing with air temperatures greater than 50 degrees, a heat pump is consistent and efficient, and can keep your water maintainined at a desired temperature very cost effectively.
    For areas where gas is not readily available or expensive, and electricity is not too bad, and you're looking to keep the pool heated, even in the coolest months, electric resistance heater may be the one you need...but can get expensive to operate.

    In all cases, the use of a solar blanket will greatly reduce the amount of heat lost overnight and will lower the amount of heat needed the following day.

    So once you've determined which type may be best for you, then we can get to the very "objective" issue of which is the best pool heater!
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    Re: best pool heater???

    I have the Pentair Master Temp 400 HD. Pretty sure it is same heater, just different enclosure and label. I second the HD as it should provide longer life, especially with salt water systems. I live in Central PA and have a 19k gallon vinyl in ground. Last Friday I lifted the temp from 53 to 83 in 17 hours. Powerful heater!

    Good luck

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    Re: best pool heater???

    I am located in west central Texas. Have thought about solar... however.. I have lots of trees on the south side of my property and by 3 pm the pool is in the shade. last year was the hottest summer on record in a long time and the water barley got to 80 degrees. Because of that, we never use the pool. I'm not sureis solar would be the longterm answer. It might be ok in the summer months. We are planning on leaving our pool open year round if we get a heater. and Nat gas is a lot cheaper here than electricity.

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    Re: best pool heater???

    and BTW... is there a formula for what size/btu to purchase?

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    Re: best pool heater???

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluecat80
    and BTW... is there a formula for what size/btu to purchase?
    The higher the BTU, the faster it will be able to heat your pool.

    On average:
    (Gallons + 10%) X 10 = BTU needed for 1 degree per hour rise in temperature

    (30K gal pool + 10%) X 10 = 330k BTU

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