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Thread: Some pointers / help for building a pool on the equator

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    Some pointers / help for building a pool on the equator

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to build a pool in the next few months, but before i get too far with my design i would like to ask some questions about recommended structural technique.

    I am situated in Indonesia and right on the equator. The pool will be built about 25 feet from the hightide line. It will hopefully extend to about 2 feet below the hightide line giving a total depth in the pool of about 6 feet. The pool will be an infinity pool all being well with the seaward face being the infinity side. Size wise, i think about 40 feet by 20 feet will be the approximate size.

    As im on an island, my only option is to mix the concrete ourselves and use plywood forms.

    Im looking for help with recommended concrete ratios, thickness and rebar size / amounts. My substrate is rock / clay. Later on i'll be asking about everything else!


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    Re: Some pointers / help for building a pool on the equator

    How big of an edge? It will be double matted with rebar, one size up from the rest of the walls and floor. It will also dictate size of catch basin/trough used to catch the spill of the edge.

    There is no One Size Fits All spec.

    Do you have access to a tile man that can set a line at the correct height for the edge to function correctly? This is critical!

    I am also presuming you will be using all tile on the inside since plaster finishes may be difficult to acquire. Will there be any lighting in the pool and catch basin?

    Will the recurring cost of power present any issues? This pool will run everyday.

    Will the chems this pool needs present any issues?

    Will filling and refills present any issues?

    What direction will the edge be facing?

    While your current measurements are in English, will you be using metric measurements?

    You will need to make a dry well underneath. At high tide, during construction and in times of service when the system needs draining, the high water will require removal and relocation away from the pool, structures and people.

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