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Thread: SAM Light blues

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    SAM Light blues

    The colorwheel no longer spins. Thankfully, the light is at least stuck on white and works.

    Is this a DIY fixable item or is there a better color changing unit available for an easy switch in the pool wall receptical.

    Is the general opinion on SAM lights negative?

    Thanks for your opinions,

    Eagle River Wisconsin
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    Eagle River Wisconsin

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    Re: SAM Light blues

    Actually, the SAm lights are pretty cool when they work. There is a kit for replacing the motor that runs about $35 or so if you look around on the web. The fix is simple... remove light fixture from niche, bring up on deck, loosen ring clamp and open up light fixture, then follow directions that comes with the kit. It should only take 10-15 minutes, and you should change out the lights (for the larger one, these are two 75W, 12V MR16 bulbs that will cost around $8-10 each... (check Lightbulbs, Etc. on the web). Make sure to replace the lens gasket, reassemble and you are good to go. BTW, is there any water in the fixture? These lights seem prone to leakage, and since the motor for the color wheel is placed on the low side, any water in the fixture could lead to rusting of the motor and failure in movement of the colorwheel that controls the different colors.

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    Re: SAM Light blues

    I had the same problem. Unfortunately, you will not know if it is fixable unless you take it apart and replace the only replaceable part (I forget what it is called, but it is the little motor and what looks like a plastic screw that makes the color wheel turn). You can probably also take it apart and do a continuity test to see if the motor is getting juice when you throw the switch to turn the wheel. (WARNING ELECTRICAL HAZARD RUNNING 120 VOLTS AT POOL's EDGE) If the motor has burned out replacement obviously fixes the problem. If it is in the electronics (as mine was) you must buy a whole new unit. The warrany is something like three years (or was when I bought mine) so you might luck out and be eligible for waranty coverage. The SAM manual has a parts list and if you look at it you can see what I am talking about. Taking the SAM apart is not "free" as the manufacturer strongly recommends you replace the gasket that protects the electrical components and bulbs from the water.

    Mine stuck on green and I had to open it up again and turn it to blue to get a pleasing look.

    If you do take it apart be careful of the retaining screw, the socket it goes into strips easily.
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