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Thread: What do yall think about this article?

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    What do yall think about this article? (<~~~~Link to article and pasted below)

    Copy of article removed. Please don't copy large blocks of text from other web sites without permission. Links are fine. Thanks JasonLion

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    Re: What do yall think about this article?

    I don't see anything objectionable or patently false in the article. Of course, there are many reasons you might want to install a an energy-efficient pump that produces a lower flow rate -- not just the safety aspect. And it's true that backwashing wastes water. On the other hand, if you're in a area where the climate provides little year-round precipitation (rain/snow) and you have elevated calcium or other TDS in the fill water, you'll probably benefit from having a sand or DE filter so you can dilute it once in a while. Otherwise, you'll end up doing partial drains anyway. Ditto with keeping CYA in check if you use dichlor/trichlor pucks or "shock powder" extensively: the backwashing will help dilute it.
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    Re: What do yall think about this article?

    There is nothing outright false there, though several things they say won't be true most of the time. For example they say
    Installing a high efficiency pump will reduce electrical consumption by 80%
    . This will be true sometimes, but not anywhere near all of the time. A properly programmed IntelliFlo will always save something over a single speed pump, but how much it saves will vary quite a bit from pool to pool. 80% is perfectly possible, but most people won't save nearly that much. The same is true of the backwashing claim, backwashing can waste significant amounts of water in some situations but it doesn't always, or even most of the time.

    On the other hand, I totally support the use of anti-vortex drain covers.
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    Re: What do yall think about this article?

    Dual suction outlets are required when the submerged suction outlets are not of a certain size, I don't recall exactly how large bit it's larger than a human body could potentially block. Additionally, the suction outlet covers must meet the minimum specs as stated in the Virginia Greame Baker act. These covers meet or exceed certain flow rate standards and flow pattern standards and shall be designed so as to allow suction from more than one level on the cover. Its more than just anti vortexing.

    This is a requirement for all commercial pools, even pre-existings or the pool is closed until such changes are made to comply with the new standard. All residential pools build now must also meet this. Many states, counties, and municipalities also require SVRSs for new pools.

    While existing residential pools don't need to retrofit to meet the standards, if you get a liner or you gunite pool is getting refurbed, the contractor is obligated to swap the drain covers with VGB compliant covers.

    For more exacting information, here is the link from's website:

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    Re: What do yall think about this article?

    laurandavid09, What do You think of this article? It must have struck you in a different way since you brought it to our attention. What say you?

    I don't have a real problem with the article other than to say that D.E. filters and sand filters are not out dated. They have their place. Are they the oldest filters? I'll agree with that.
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