Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions of Chlorinated Isocyanurate

This webpage provides links to searchable PDF files I created by scanning the following chapter (paper) published in this 1974 book:

J. E. O'Brien, J. C. Morris and J. N. Butler, “Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions of Chlorinated Isocyanurate”, Chapter 14 in Alan J. Rubin, ed., Chemistry of Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution, 1973 Symposium, (published 1974), Ann Arbor Science Publishers, Ann Arbor, MI, pp. 333-358. ISBN 0-250-40036-7

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Rights to republish, distribute, post:
Ann Arbor Science Publishers merged with Butterworth Publishers in 1983 and subsequently became part of Elsevier. I contacted Elsevier to obtain permission to republish, distribute, post this paper and they informed me that "the title has gone out-of-print and the rights have reverted to the author." I then contacted Dr. Alan J. Rubin and he gave me conditional permission. The permission is conditional because it is not clear whether the rights returned to the editor or to the individual author(s) of the paper. When the book was published, the individual author(s) signed documents giving their rights to the editor. To play it safe, I contacted Dr. James N. Butler and he also gave me permission, with similar conditions (that is, he gives me permission if he has the right to do so). The author J. Carrell Morris is believed to be decesased since he would presumably be about 100 years old if alive. I was unable to locate Joseph(?) E. O'Brien.