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=Pool Fences=
=Pool Fences=

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Pool Fences

Pool fence requirements vary with the state, county and municipality. You need to find out what your local requirements are for fencing and inspections by calling or visiting your local building department.

Many municipalities have used the International Building Code(IBC) as a model for their pool fence codes. The IBC is developed by the International Code Council.

Typical requirements include:

  • Pool fences should be at least 48” high from finished ground level
  • No more than a 2” gap from the bottom of the fence to the ground
  • The fence should block anything more than 4” in diameter from passing through one of its openings
  • The fence or barrier must not be climbable
  • Pedestrian Pool fence gates must be self closing, must open outwards from the pool, and must have a self latching/locking device
  • Gates are to swing out away from the pool/spa only. Double swing gates are not permitted. The gate must swing close and latch automatically. The latch is to be located 54 inches high as measured from the bottom of the gate.
  • Gates that are not meant for pedestrian use must have a self latching device
  • Chain link fences should have a mesh no larger than 2 1/4 inches unless the fence is provided with privacy slats fastened at the top or bottom which reduce the opening to 1 3/4" or less
  • Lattice type fences should have no opening more than 1 3/4 inches between diagonals

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has published Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools - Preventing Child Drownings.

Self Closing Latch

Many areas require fence gates that are self closing and have a child proof latch.

Magna-Latch has child resistant latches with and without alarms.

LokkLatch® MAGNETIC latch works on solid fences.[1]

TruClose® Safety Gate Hinges can be used to meet automatic closing requirements.

Removeable Pool Fences

A swimming pool can be enclosed by a removeable fence with a mesh barrier that is childproof.

Life Saver Pool Fence

Pool Fence DIY