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  • IceShadow
    Add chems with the pump running. That will help the pool mix everything together. And you want the pump running constantly during a SLAM...
  • IceShadow
    Yes. The sun will get some during the day, and higher levels means more burnoff to sun. But you need to maintain the high levels to...
  • F
    I've been lurking here for several months. Have learned a lot from this helpful, friendly community. Thank you! We started our pool...
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  • IceShadow
    IceShadow replied to the thread New Member / Owner.
    The pressure on the jets keeps going down and some air in the pump basket. Hoping the leak in the MPV is causing that and not something...
  • jblizzle
    jblizzle replied to the thread Clorox salt?.
    Why pay double for something that is just ground up a little more than solar salt? The solar salt already dissolves too fast for my kids...
  • jblizzle
    jblizzle replied to the thread No weir door....
    If you run out of luck, there are aftermarket weir doors that have spring loaded feet to hold them in place. Not as good as the...
  • B
    bsmom07 reacted to Lemonred34's post in the thread Green pool won’t go away!! with Like Like.
    It took me 3 weeks or so of SLAM to get to cloudy blue. Granted, that was with an air leak and a sand filter. You will get there! Don’t...
  • J
    JamesW reacted to daveva's post in the thread Jandy AquaPure 1400 trouble with Like Like.
    Yes to all your questions. I will get a salt water tester
  • J
    Brushing is also one of the best ways to detect algae. The water might seem clean and clear, but the start of algae will usually be...
  • JoyfulNoise
    JoyfulNoise replied to the thread No weir door....
    @InyoMatt or @InyoRob - any suggestions on which weir door can be used in this skimmer?
  • C
    We have had a pool for over 30 years, but I am always open to learning something new about careing for one. Just an 18 round but the...
  • Thormus
    Thormus replied to the thread No weir door....
    I will call them tomorrow. In the mean time anybody able to identify my skimmers? I couldn’t find anywhere that the door was supposed to...
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  • J
    J4A replied to the thread Do we have Algae? Advice please..
    My husband is stressed out because we had FC at 25 this morning around 8. When I checked it tonight it was at FC: 15. He thinks that is...
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  • C
    Canuck101 posted the thread Wall dimples in Above Ground Pools.
    I have recently installed an above ground oval and had a few panels on the straight side look dented, not a perfect curve like the other...
  • L
    Lemonred34 replied to the thread Green Algae Will Not Die!.
    I noticed you mentioned vacuuming everyday, are you also brushing everyday? Sides and bottom?