ZODIAC G3 deeply in love with the deep end


May 28, 2019
Kaysville UT
Hi folks,
Have a Zodiac G3, that is about a month old. It loves the deep end of my pool. If I drop it in the shallow end it hops its way happily in a more or less straight line down the incline to the deep end and then just hops circles down there till I turn it off.

I do have a vinyl liner, so I think that part of the problem is that, is pretty slippery. It will not clime the walls at all or even try to go up the ramp to the shallow end.

The single page instructions that came with it referenced the need to add a part if it had trouble cleaning the vinyl liner walls, and I can't seem to find that part.

So far I have tried the following:
Running it with out the flow regulator
Verifying the flow with the tester is correct
Tested different positions on the flow regulator
moved the weights around, added weights
verified the angle is correct
tried to direct the return to the bottom of the deep end to "blow it out" of that area.

It does hop around correctly, and it does a nice job on the deep end. But the ramp and the shallow end look really bad.

Before I give up on this guy does anyone have any tricks I haven't tried, or know what the part is that I can't find? I assume it is some kind of a more aggressive flow regulator but don't know since I can't find one.

Thanks a bunch for the advice!
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May 28, 2019
Kaysville UT
I think you might be right. I spent 2 hours tonight fooling with that thing, 1 weight, 2, then three. Close to the thing far away from the thing, maximum suction, minimum suction, no flow regulator etc... Googling the issue one last time then calling it a wasted 300$...

No matter what I try same thing, makes a line to the deep end, half way up the ramp to the joint of the bottom and the west wall, back to the deep end, circle around and repeat. The crack of the west wall and the bottom is spiffy clean. The rest of the pool not so much! Thanks for trying MKNauss


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May 3, 2014
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Some cleaners use foam rollers for vinyl pools. See if that cleaner has them available.

Or get a robot.