Yet another StaRite heater issue. ignitor seems to work but heater won't stay on.


Apr 7, 2017
I've looked and some mention flow , I've got lots of pressure coming out in the SPA, so I'm guessing there is enough pressure.

But I can't get codes or get a good idea what the heater is trying to tell me.

When it faults, "service heater" LED 11 is on" ( guess it's just the service heater LED) ahahaha anyways, I don't know how to get this board to give me an idea what it thinks the issue is. Is there a secret button combination to get an error?

Replaced the temp sensor (that goes in the flue) last year, replaced the actual control board last year as well.

So heater turns on, blower engages, after a few seconds it clicks and it ignites the gas, I can feel the heat coming out, about 10 seconds or so, the flame stops, heat stops, blower keeps running, eventually get the faults listed above.

I see some mention the flow, others mention gas issue (but city provided natural gas, and if it initially ignites, seems that it's getting gas). But I'm not enitrely sure how to check this. If there is a clog in the line, if the city has caused a drop in pressure (but we have gas furnaces, fire pits, BBQ's, so think I would notice if the gas was low (but maybe not) >shrug<

It's an old StaRite heater, 10-15 years old is my guess. There is a square headed plug type fastener on the left side of the manifold, but the bolt is busted in half, so if that's where the thermostat/spring is located, I can't get to it..

It reads the correct pool temp 78, but that's all the display shows, no e0x no error codes. I don't see any AFS or the like LED's so how am I to figure out what this StaRite believes to be the problem?

I see new ignition boards are $2xx, a new heater is $2500, but this one is pretty old . I'd like to just fix this and have it give me another year..



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Oct 25, 2015
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I think Allen has this nailed. If you get all the way to a flame it's a flame sense issue. The ignition module has only a few seconds to sense a flame then it shuts down.. What's the model number? Sounds like one that has a flame sense rod Clean the rod with a dollar bill (not any more abrasive than that). Check the wire connection. Make sure the flame sense rod is in the blue part of the flame. If that's not a fix you most likely have a ground problem. You probably have an Fenwal ignition control that has a red light that's flashing 3 times after failure.