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Jul 25, 2010
Been lurking a few weeks trying to pick up some knowledge. Had a new pool installed about 3 weeks ago, started with a used pool but had issues finding a liner and ended up buying a bigger new pool, happy so far.

Ordered my test kit based on the recommendations of this board and have started testing. Here are my latest results..

FC 4.5
PH 7.5
CYA 25
ALK 100
CC 0

How do they look to everyone?

So far in the 3 weeks or so I've added about 4 bottles of GV 186 ounce bleach. Chlorine has stayed level except for this Sat when it went to 1 but using the pool calc I rasied it back to 6 and tonight it was 4.5. I added enough bleach to bring it back to 6.

I thought I needed to raise my CYA to 40 but got scared and decided to try 30 first. I've had a puck or two a floating around because I couldn't find any CYA in my area for some reason, guess the season is almost over, my cya has been slowly rising.

any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms?

Great site.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol: Nice work getting started. CYA is also called stabilizer and/or cyanuric acid. Most HD/Lowe's/WalMarts/Pool Stores carry it.

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