Yet another CYA testing question


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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
So I read the forums constantly trying to keep learning. I think I am pretty good. I even try to answer a few questions when I pretty sure I have something to add. Yet I still make rookie mistakes.

I know now that I should test the CYA under the same conditions all the time. Same time of day, sun to my back. I have learned that an overcast day will produce a different reading from a sunny day.

So in South Florida we have a lot of sun and a lot of clouds. I start my testing and when I get to the CYA test a big cloud has come over my yard and I know I will get a false low reading. My question is how long can the solution stay in the bottle waiting for the cloud to clear so that I can put my back to bright sunshine and get a proper reading? Can I wait an hour or two after I have mixed? Or is it just a few minutes?