Yellow saltwater pool after shocking

Opened our pool yesterday with all fresh water and 400lbs of salt. This was the first year we didn't scrub bleach and completely clean out the pool before refilling. Struggled with the saltwater system last year and gave up early but determined to make it work this year. Filled the pool, added bit of chlorine at 1/3 full then floated 3 tabs after. 7 days from starting to fill, we vacuumed out debris from trees and to stir up the salt. Shocked with 3 lbs HTH super shock and the pool went from clear to clear yellow. Today it is still yellow but no metals present. Salt generator not running yet.
salt 3400
CH 150
CYA 20
TA 90
pH 7.4
Copper 0
Iron 0
Pho 200



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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
I'd raise that FC to 10 with bleach and let it circulate and filter for 24 hours and see what you get.

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Water color changing like that right after increasing FC often times refers to metal, even though what appears to be pool store results (above) doesn't indicate it. Let's confirm a few things:
- League City along Galveston Bay right? Is your water from a well?
- Have you added anything else to your new water other than perhaps muriatic acid, salt, and regular bleach?
- Can you post a pic of the water so we can see the tint?

I will follow-up with our ever-popular recommendation to test your own water with either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit. :blah: You simply cannot get any better than home testing, and the headaches/money you save will be worth it. Like Woody said, you can still let it ride for a day or so to see if it resolves itself as it is new water. But those questions may help if your problem continues.