Yellow Chlorine Tabs


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Jul 24, 2019
Trinity, Florida
So I stopped using chlorine tabs since I started the TFP methodology, however I did keep a small bucket in case we were out of town or gone for an extended amount of time. I left the bucket outside for a month and moisture got in there. When I was tidying up the pump area I decided to bring them inside and it smelled like strong chlorine. No worries I thought, then the whole garage smelled so strong of chlorine it was almost toxic. I opened the bucket and if felt like a punch to the lungs, it was so strong. It was difficult to breath within 5 feet of it. Also I discovered they weren't individually wrapped in plastic like the ones I used before.

I decided on throwing them away since they smelled to terrible. So be very careful folks, if you decide on using these, dont get them wet.

Lesson learned.