Ya don't say!


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
So today when the pool pump was off and I was looking in the pool. I noticed someone's nice barefoot- foot print right under my liner! :shock: :evil:

Funny thing is because yesterday I got a phone call from the local office- my salesperson, being the messanger for the office manager (I could hear her slack butt in the background telling the s/p what to say,LOL) Said that I still owed them 314.00. Boy did I let them have it as to why I am NOT going to pay the difference and then I proceeded to called the owner of the company. He was unavailable, but I was suppose to get a call from the operations manager yesterday or today. Guess what??? :lol:

And these are suppose to be professional pool installers???? more like professional liars!

But hey, I'll live with all the little imperfections. But boy am I gonna give them some real bad advertising. Starting with ripoffreport.com! ;)