Wrong color plaster. How to fix?


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Aug 1, 2022
Austin, Texas
The plaster company installed the wrong color plaster. They completed 75% before we stopped them. They admitted they messed up but today wanted to put the correct plaster over the wrong one. This does not seem right. I am worried it will result in a poor bond and the wrong color plaster will be visible in the spotter tile.

what should be done? I think they need to chip it all out including the spotter tiles and start over.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Another issue would be you will have two layers of plaster and your first replaster will require a chipout.

They screwed up. They should chipout the plaster and start fresh..

Sand blasting to remove the plaster is best. If chisels are used then flat chisels should be used and not pointed tip chisels as pointed chisels removes too much Shotcret/Gunite in the process.
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