Wrinkles Developing

Jun 21, 2021
I have a 15' round steel wall pool with a overlap liner. Installed I had a few wall wrinkles. Floor was perfectly smooth.

Now I am getting wrinkles in the bottom. We have not had a lot of rain. Drainage seems ok.

Base is crushed lime. Then the track is on pavers (sitting down on real ground, yes I dug down high side). This pool is level.

Then I used interlocking harbor freight fatigue mats. Gorilla tape over seams. Then foam cove.

Then I think this was my mistake. For last year's cheaper summer wave I ordered (never came in time) a new gorilla black felt mat. I was worried the edges of this black felt would fall down and create a crease so I tacked around with a few bits of duck tape. Then liner.

Now the more the kids run around the more wrinkles I seem to get.

Well water and draining seem risky. I assume the cause is this black gorilla mat. See photo. Just picture the gorilla on top of this over lapping the cove touching the wall a bit

Thoughts? I think I should just ignore it and hopefully get many years out of the liner despite it catching a bit of dirt in places.


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Jun 21, 2021
It's pretty weird. I think chemicals are fine.

I was in the pool this evening. I can with my foot with some effort scoot the wrinkles to the edges. I think the few wrinkles on the wall worked down. The slippery rubber mat and gorilla cover combo I think is what is allowing for this. I should just ignore it. But installing this pool took a lot of pain, sweat and swear words!
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