Wow. Hot tubs are difficult


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Jul 18, 2015
Zeeland MI
Just got a hot tub. The wild swings these things take when they get used versus not being used is crazy.
In our pool the TFP BBB method works great. I am realizing that tablets are way more practical with hot tubs though considering you need to drain and refill fairly often anyway.
What are you all using in your tubs? Anyone use a TDS meter to determine when they should drain and refill?


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
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A smaller tub of water will be impacted more by bathers than a large pool of water. I add 30ppm CYA to a new fill, keep my FC always in the target zone FC/CYA Chart with liquid chlorine. I lower my pH into the middle 7s when it approaches a pH of 8. I have several filters for my tub and change it out once a week. I also drain and refill my small tub after 30 days or so. We use it every day. I suggest you test for CCs and take action when it rises above 1ppm.


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Oct 20, 2017
Southern WI
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I have a Saltron Mini SWCG to maintain FC then then add liquid chlorine as needed after long soaks especially when there were lots of people in the tub.


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
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I have a 330 gal hot tub.

On fill I use stabilizer to get to CYA up to 30 ppm
I use either bleach or liquid shock (aka stronger bleach) to dose the tub daily. I check FC, CC, and pH and adjust as necessary.
After a soak I add additional bleach - that I do not test, I just add 2 oz give or take

I check TA every so often , but I have to add acid almost every day at first, then as the buffer builds, less often.

I drain and fill roughly every 2-3 months. It depends on bather load, how the water is doing (am I getting a lot of foaming, does the water look cloudy), and the weather (If there is a particularly nice weekend, I may change it early so I don't have to do it later when the weather is nasty)

I hose off my filters every other week or so

I also purge with AhSome

You have to look at it this way. If my wife and I use my 330 gal tub, that is 165 gal per person. I have a 17,000 ABG - that would be like putting 103 people into my 27' round pool.
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