Would like to properly hookup my salt controller. (Rewire)


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Jul 21, 2013
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Where are you guys getting this information? Can anyone please post a link to any references or scientific proof to support the above statements?
Anyone here keep their car engine running 24/7 in order to avoid wear and tear from starting and stopping the motor? :scratch: :scratch:
Thermal cycling is used for accelerated wear testing in industrial engineering. There is equipment that has best reliability if run 24/7 and kept at a steady temperature. So there is a grain of truth to what is being said.

You can Goggle around about “thermal cycling”. Here is a NASA paper how it is used for accelerated wear testing - https://nepp.nasa.gov/DocUploads/99810235-C28A-4A8D-BD52223A33EF7CDF/ASME-Hawaii993-lockeed.pdf

There is a tradeoff with a pump motor between the stresses on its windings and electronics due to thermal stress versus wear on rotational parts like bearings and seals that wear if let to run 24/7. Starting capacitor failures and winding burnouts are likely accelerated by thermal stress. However bearing failures are caused by total run time.

I am just answering your question and not advocating for or against running 24/7 will improve reliability.


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Jun 10, 2016
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Guys, please don’t get me wrong! I am not here to debate or engage in any form of argumentative discussions. Just like many of you at some point, I am here to expand my knowledge hoping to pick something from others. AFAIK, our VS motor does not have a “start or run caps” but a Permanent Magnet AC Motor controlled by an electronic VSD commonly referred to as VFD or by a PWM (frequency converter).

The link posted above referred to the BGA and CSP ***’y that does not exist in today’s VSD ***’y. Although a VSD is comprised of mainly electronics with too many variables to discuss about, there aren’t any solid pieces of evidence to directly support the above statements with regards to a VS pump. Perhaps I am slacking in my search, I stand to be corrected!

But I think it is bothersome for others who earned a degree by the book to contradict the facts based on assumptions, speculations, hearsay and what else…false information! But then again, this is the internet! Pardon the rant, now back to OP… :gone: