Would anyone like to offer a review of the Dolphin E10


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I've been considering a Dolphin E10. For the last 2 years my winter cover has been ripped from the pool because of the strong winds we have. I'm done with winter covers. This season when I close, I'll use a safety net and a leaf net. I'll remove the leaf net when the leaves are off the trees.

Because I've decided not to use a cover, I will face sediment and other fine particles that result from living on a farm, that have sunk to the bottom upon opening. Will the collection basket in this robot pick these things up? This year while trying to use my suction vacuum in combination with an in line leaf canister, I was backwashing every 10 minutes. It has been a pain and I'm not done yet.

Also, I was curious to know if this can be operated when the water very cold, say 40-50°F? It might help me get ahead of the game.


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Jun 7, 2011
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I can't push you hard enough to get a Robot to cure these woes. No more of that with a decent one. Not sure of your budget, but people love the DohennyDiscovery/Dolphin s300 (I think). It seems to be a great model at a good middle price as all robots are very expensive for a quality one. However, once you experience a good one, you'll forget about the money it cost, and might even think you got a steal. I did after I had mine, and can't tell you how much better pool life is with one.

Just do it and quit fighting all that nonsense, and you'll be so glad you did. Pooldv will be along anytime to set me straight on the model crossover, but there is a big thread on that one, and people love it.

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