Worth the Extra cost for PLUS chlorine products?

I finally got tired of trying to do my own research, which includes manufacturer's websites, and just bought the products I needed at Costco. But I still want to know precisely what I'm putting in my pool.

3" tabs --- 40 lbs = $85 -- or about $10 more than the TriChor tabs without the Plus
http://aquachem.com/products/sanitizers ... _plus.html

Shock Plus --- 24 1 lb packs = about $52
http://aquachem.com/products/shocktreat ... _plus.html

I do like the idea of swimming within 15 minutes after shocking the pool, assuming this is correct.

Both products claim to have, I think:

But, what chems, and how much? Strange there isn't a requirement to list what's inside.

I haven't opened the tabs yet, so, I'll wait to see what answers are out there. The shock isn't a bad price, so, I will probably use it.

FYI --- I did use 50# of PoolLife tabs and a case of shock..... I was "shocked to learn" that there was indeed a difference --- This brand seems to keep the shock granularized better, perfect in fact, all the way to the last bag, and the tabs seemed to be better made than some I've used before. Is this "Just my 'magination"?


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May 28, 2007
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They don't have the ingredients listed on the tub of 3" tabs, or on the bag of shock? Write to Aquachem and tell them you would like copies of the MSDS sheets for both. I'm pretty sure they have to provide them when requested.

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Mar 28, 2007
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If you keep your pool properly chlorinated, you will have no need for floc or clarifier.

I believe some of the plus products may also contain copper-based algaecide, which is also unnecessary and can cause other problems!

Typically we recommend just using plain old bleach (or liquid chlorine) for chlorinating, as it does not add anything to your water except chlorine!

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Apr 4, 2007
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I'd bet the pucks contain copper.

The shock is an okay product, but if you follow the prevailing philosophy here, shocking is needed only a few times a season at most. Of course, that philosophy precludes the use of the pucks for regular chlorination.