Working on opening salt pool - need some advice


May 23, 2020
Overland Park, KS
Hi folks! Just recently filled a Saltwater pool and am working on getting it leveled out. Got a TF-100 kit.

We filled the pool on 5/18, added 100lbs of salt on 5/19, then after the salt dissolved after two days we put our pump on it’s “BOOST” mode and let it do its thing. Initial test showed chlorine at 0.
We put in 2lbs of dry CYA in a sock in the skimmer, and added 1 cup of 7.8 % bleach to the pool yesterday afternoon.

Here are my test results from the Taylor kit today:

FC = 7.5ppm
CC = 0
CH = 200ppm
TA = 90
CYA = 25

I’d say we have about ⅓ of the CYA left in the sock in the skimmer. That FC level according to the pool math app is too high. Should I finish letting the CYA dissolve and leave the pool in the sun to see if the FC levels out? What should I do?

Thank you for all the help!


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
Just squeeze the sock every now & then & it will dissolve the stabilizer. I can dissolve about 2lbs in a few hours by squeezing the sock.
It’s perfectly fine to swim with fc all the way up to slam levels for your cya FC/CYA Chart
Wait a couple days & retest you’re cya to see where it really is .
Just test fc daily & adjust your swg runtime accordingly until you get where u wanna be. If its low adjust with liquid chlorine & increase swg - just never let it go below target-
As the days get longer u may need to increase cya so the swg can keep up
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