Working a light algae problem....


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Jun 16, 2019
Latest tests using Taylor K-2006 kit...pH=7.3, TA=80, CYA=130, FC=8-ish
Need to get the CYA down before SLAMing so I'm working on that now (partial drain and refill). Pretty sure I had my automatic chlorinator set too high using Trichlor tabs (only had this pool for a few months so still trying to figure things out). It's a pretty light algae problem, and I"m figuring that the high CYA levels are interfering with the sanitizers ability to do its job properly. The cartridge filters were just deep cleaned a couple of weeks ago, and I clean out the skimmer baskets every day or two (and they have pool filter socks in them as well) Any additional feedback is appreciated.


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Jul 7, 2014
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There is no such thing as a "light" algae problem... Once you have it, it has to be killed before moving on.. Just making it appear to be gone is not good enough, it has to be completely killed, or it will always come back.

I like your plan... reduce your CYA to 30 or 40 and then SLAM following our guidelines, which are not the same as the pool store's "throw in a few bags of shock and some magic-in-a-bottle trick". Make sure you follow this process... SLAM Process


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